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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    Thanks, James. I'll order a new cell. - Flappy
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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    The SWCG has been running for over an hour at 100%. Here are the readings: 3000 65 27.4 4.53 100p -2400 I toggled the off/auto switch and waited a few seconds until I heard the relay click. New readings: 3000 65 26.5 5.46 100p -3100
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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    In the last 15 minutes, salinity went down from 2900 to 2400. I've always had the hump up - just inverted it. I'll check on it again in a bit. Didn't see any scale when taking the cell to the pool store. Looks brand new.
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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    Just got back from the pool store. Tested the cell four times. It failed the first two but passed the second two. Took a photo of the failed test for Costco warranty purposes. Costco should honor the original 3-year warranty + 2 years. I bought the system in 2015. K-1766 shows salt at...
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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    Greetings! I am hoping to get some advice. I am dealing with a problem that started last season: When the SWCG first starts in the day, the salt reading is fairly accurate; however, detected levels eventually drop over time causing a "Low Salt" error. I can remedy this by running the pump...
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    Official 2018 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Started a Pork Butt last night. I'll be sure to post more photos of the finished product. . Slathered in yellow mustard to ensure a good bark. . . . . All rubbed down. . . . . Getting the smoker ready. Using 100% apple wood pellets. . . . . Getting me ready. :D . . . . Using three...
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    Official 2018 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Looking good gents! My SWCG is making me thirsty. I may post all the details in another thread but the short of it is that I can calibrate the salt reading just fine after a power reset; however, over the course of several hours the instant read drops significantly bringing the average below...