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    pH & TA relationship

    TA does change with pH. I've seen a similar increase/decrease in my pool. I'm not a chemist so I can't explain the exact reasoning (its something to do with the equilibrium of the dissolved chemicals in the pool at that specific pH). Two references that confirm that TA changes with pH: 1.)...
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    Manual vacuum settings

    Hi all. Looking for recommendations for the proper settings and suction strength to use for a manual vacuum (weighted blue roller type). First, should I have only the vacuum port on or should I have the main drain on as well? Initially I was thinking it would be good to have the main drain at...
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    PVC cement on Jandy valve diverter

    Hi all. Had a new pool installed in December. Just used the Jandy drain valve for the first time to drain some water out of the pool and now the valve won't seal. Disassembled the valve and sure enough the installer got PVC cement on the diverter (seal was chewed up on one side causing the...