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    Pool owner needing advice

    Here are the before and after pictures of my pool.
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    Pool owner needing advice

    An update on the pool cleaning process. After doing some research, I have decided to do an acid wash to remove the dirt and grime left from the draining. I have started the process this morning and will be finishing this evening. The process is moving a lot quicker than I thought and is...
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    Pool owner needing advice

    So I have begun the process of getting my pool ready for this year. I had to drain it due to the nature project growing in there and to replace the pool light as well. My wife and I are thinking about repainting it. I need some help deciding if this is the right thing to do, what type of paint...
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    Texas Pool Owner

    My wife and I bought our home two years ago and inherited an in-ground pool. We absolutely love it and make time each day to swim and enjoy it.