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    Pool guy ruined summer

    FYI, this looks exactly like a Splash Super Pool. The straps, skimmer, and other fittings appear identical to my 21' x 41' version. See ::SPLASH SUPERPOOLS::. I purchased mine used, but from what I understand you can purchase this entire pool complete (liner, supports, plumbing, pump, filter...
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    Pool math app?

    I thought I remember something about Jason selling the original pool calculator to PSI Flow. If you look at Pool Calculator you can see that they own it, refer to TroubleFreePool, and also provide apps for both Android and Apple...
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    Dolphin's new "S series"

    From what I can tell, the S200, S300, and S300i all use the same filter basket, but ship with different filters installed. The S300i ships with pleated cartridge filters and an inner net filter. The S300 ships with fine mesh filters and (according the the box and website) is also supposed to...
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    Dolphin's new "S series"

    I recently purchased the S300. The pool store I purchased it from had access to the "S" line but nothing else. On the other hand, the local Leslie's had access to the rest of the Maytronics line but did not have access to the "S" line. Seems like Maytronics is controlling who is allowed to...
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    11-year-old North Carolina girl electrocuted while swimming Interesting how the girls in the water were fine until they tried to get out. It sure seems like the ladder should be at the same potential as the water - it's IN it.
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    Backyard build in Central Texas, POOL IS UP!!!

    I can't either. I think they may have gotten lost with the most recent server upgrade. The newer pictures later in the thread seem fine.
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    Best solution for the main drain problem

    I find that the main drains are helpful in the fall and spring when the water level is below the skimmer. Without the main drains I wouldn't have any way to circulate the water when the water level is low. During normal operation I don't normally use them because I want to skim what is on the...
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    Pool Rover, Pool Rover would the right one come over?

    I can't fathom how any of these units without brushes could possibly damage an AG pool. The wheels are not driven (the units are propelled by water out of the exhaust on top) and there aren't any brushes. It's nothing more than a free rolling vacuum cleaner. Frankly, I don't see the big deal...
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    Pool Rover, Pool Rover would the right one come over?

    I've been struggling with the same kind of questions. Initially I was trying to find information on the "Aquabot Industrial" line of cleaners (seen at a local pool store.) I followed the web address on the brochure to the Aquaproducts website, but there was nothing anywhere talking about this...
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    Which SWG???

    I see CircuPool does have a bit of a comparison chart. Obviously, I would expect it to be biased.
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    Which SWG???

    Is there a comparison chart out there anywhere? A quick search seems to turn up a lot of manufacturers that don't get much mention here (CircuPool, CompuPool, Resilience, Nexa, Intermatic, SGS, etc.) It would be nice to seem something that listed all the manufacturers, models, initial cost...
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    how much 0870 powder

    I did some testing awhile back. I did 13 tests in a row using brand new chemicals. 11 of the tests were done with a 25ml sample and 2 of the tests were done with a 50ml sample. (For the 50ml tests, I doubled the powder, and counted each drop as 0.1ppm.) I did find that using two heaping...
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    acid and base tests

    Dave's Kit Pros: - The service and support is very good. - Shipping is quite fast Taylor Kit Pros: - Bottles and caps are color coded - Light sensitive reagents are in dark (light blocking) bottles (R-871) - Moisture sensitive reagents are in moisture absorbing containers (DPD Powder)
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    Bees and yellow jackets!!!

    What about using a handheld mirror (like one would use to do their hair)?
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    Any Pool Calculator feature requests for spring 2009?

    Jason, I use this daily and really like it. Thank you for all the work you've put into it. Here are a couple of things I've noticed. 1.) Using Google's Chrome browser on Windows XP, if I hit 'enter' after typing in a value (I think the ph or fc), the fields all reset to their default...