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    AquaPure SWG Installation

    What is considered low flow, I currently have the InteliPump set at 2200 for the cleaner 5:00AM to 10:AM, then dropping down to 1500 10:00AM to 5:00PM and then off. Running at 2750 for Spa useage
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    AquaPure SWG Installation

    The currently installed AquaPure generator has the sensor port closest to the flow output end. The new replacement AquaPure generator instructions show that the sensor port should be closest to the flow input end. Does it make any difference. I think the reason the current one is installed the...
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    Jandy PLC 1400 Installation Flow Direction

    I need to replace the Cell of my Jandy PLC1400. The current flow direction has the sensor on the output end. Looking at the online manual it shows the sensor on the input end. Does it make any difference? Attached are two pictures of existing configuration.