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    Do I really need to cover pool for winter? Advice please

    @SBall we are new pool owners this season and live just south of Nashville in Spring Hill. We don't have a cover and were planning to leave open as well. Pool is fiberglass. Any advice for us since we can get below freezing occasionally? Our winter weather here is so unpredictable.
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    Dolphin T45 robot - poor cleaning or my expectations too high?

    I think you need to contact the place you bought it. I got my S200 yesterday. I did miss one spot but I only ran one cycle. I also have a fiberglass pool and get a lot of sediment and debris because we are surrounded by trees so I think it's going to be a daily thing for us but overall it did...
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    Recommended pool robot/vacuums

    I just got the Dolphin S200 yesterday. Mine climbs the walls and scrubs the waterlines. It was so cool to watch in action. Marina Pools has the best pricing around that still allows you to still get the full two year warranty. Call and speak to Margaret. She will email you some options to...
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    New Member, New Concrete Deck Concern

    Ours was poured just a few weeks ago (fiber mesh stuff too) and we already have a pretty good surface crack :( And I have this dark spots on the inside edge close to the water line that always look week even they they aren't. They have no explanation for it and said there is no way to fix it :(
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    Marina Pool & Spas question

    I ordered mine yesterday and tracking says it will be here on Saturday. I can’t wait!
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    Storing your robot

    I’d yours under cover? We don’t have a covered area near the pool. So trying to figure that but out too. Also, how do youbstore the cord and power supply?
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    Storing your robot

    I finally splurged and ordered my S200 from Marina today. Can’t wait for that gem to arrive. I did not order the caddy though. I’m curious to know how those without a caddy store their vacuums? I may end up ordering a caddy from amazon for $105 if I can’t figure something out but I figured you...
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    Would you buy...

    Bummer. I spoke to her last night and she said they'd come by but this morning she says it's pending pick up by someone else. Oh well. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
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    Would you buy...

    a used robot cleaner if they were willing to put it in your pool and verify it works? Our pool less than two months old and we definitely want a cleaner but I've been holding out trying to save up some cash for the purchase. Someone local to us posted a Dolphin Premier with caddy for $350. I...
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    Marina Pool & Spas question

    Curious how much the S200 was? I called back in August but haven't bought yet. I'm wonder if they come down in the off season. It was $699 when I contacted them. Not that that is a bad price at all.
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    fiberglass pool flaking?

    Did they ever come and fix your pool? Our build just got wrapped up and there is a black spot on the deep end wall between the two main drains that won't come off. The builders guy that does "pool school" came out today and he tried a stain remover and he agrees with me in thinking there is an...
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    Union Orings

    I read “onion rings” too. Lol
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    Outdoor TV with no shade cover?

    Hey TFP people. You guys have been my go to all through our build. We are almost a wrap on that finally :) . Deck is poured and fence goes up today so we can finally start getting our outdoor space in order just in time for some fall football. My husband would love to put a TV outside but we...
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    Typical time to let concrete cure before putting out furniture?

    Thank you everyone. I think I'll wait until tomorrow at least to put stuff out and no sitting until next weekend :)
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    Typical time to let concrete cure before putting out furniture?

    Our deck was finally poured yesterday, 39 days after our fiberglass pool was installed. We've been a little frustrated with the process but I'm happy to finally have it done. That said, all of the outdoor stuff I've been storing and collecting during this build process it accumulating in my...