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    New Pool San Antonio

    Hi Rick who did you end up going with? Could you PM me any opinions you have on your builder. We are looking at building a new pool this fall
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    New pool owner near San Antonio, Texas

    Can you PM me your pool builder and how it’s going? We are looking at building this fall
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    New home owner in Cypress TX. Pool is a MUST!

    There are lots of builders in Houston. No you should never have to pay a deposit to get a quote. If you have Next-door or a Facebook neighborhood you may want to ask them for recommendations as well. If you decide to go with a salt cell be prepared for the pool builder to ask you why. Most...
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    Length /depth question

    I would make the shallow end 4ft all around. 3.5 is too shallow and the if you want the builder can go deeper if needed In the deep end. Overall very nice design
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    Any structural engineers?

    It also depends on which way the joists run. More than likely they point towards the pool which means that edge is load bearing. If for some reason they run the opposite way it won’t be load bearing but could be where they butted to beams together
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    Any structural engineers?

    What’s the distance between the posts and how long is it from house the furthest post? If you can get into the attic you may be able to see if it’s full length beam or not.
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    Equipment on a pad or is loose stone ok?

    A prefab or concrete pad is the way to go. Our PB had them use the left over gunnite and had it made extra large.
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    About to sign a contract (North Houston area)

    Looks good. Is there a set back from the back property line you need to be from? If not since its a free form I would attempt to push it back more towardstje back fence line so you done have unusable space, it would also give you a little bit more of your side yard back.
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    First time poster! First time Pool! Houston, TX

    Yes I would ditch the booster pump and cleaner and go with a robot. They are more efficient, clean better and use less electricity. Also you may want to consider a salt water generator. Pools with auto chlorinators can have cya run too high and then you run into algae problems.
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    About to sign a contract (North Houston area)

    +1 on the overfill drain and making the shallow end deeper. Three more things to consider. If you have the IntelliCenter and can control everything with your phone ditch the remote (we saved $500 by not getting one). Consider removing the chiller or ask if it can be plumbed to add later...
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    Buried Pool renovation

    If you have a drone or know some one that does you need an aerial shot now.
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    Buried Pool renovation

    I know in Houston when they refinish pools once emptied they punch 1-2 holes in the bottom to keep the shell from popping up due to the water table and heavy rains and poor draining soil. I’d assume they did the same as mentioned above for drainage. Also agree depending on what you want you...
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    Metal studs for outdoor BBQ island??

    That’s looking really good. I like the addition of the L bracket for added support. What type of grill do you have? I’m in the process of researching a grill and not sure what to go with yet.
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    Metal studs for outdoor BBQ island??

    I’ve used the metal studs from Lowe’s and put a granite top on it. Once secured with self tapping screws and then add the concrete board it will be solid. on the back wall or anywhere you don’t have cut outs or doors you can always add extra studs. Two tips, first make sure to have enough...
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    Large covered patio wall need suggestions/ideas

    Yeah a 72” linear ventless like this one