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    First time pool owner going owner builder route

    Hello, I am also in the process of an owner build in South Chandler; I obtained my permit from Maricopa county and am now trying to figure out the exact placement in my yard and the layout of inside of the pool; Baja Steps, steps, bench, water feature, depths, decking, exact equipment, etc...
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    Inside design

    We are thinking some sort of "shelf" stepson left side then slope 4; 5; 6 feet to the right facing the pool ; Today we have almost 11 yr old twins; 2 adults; Plan to use as a play pool mostly; No sure on skimmers and returns at this point. Thanks
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    Inside design

    Advice on inside design of a basic 14 by 26/28 rectangle pool with 4,5,6 feet depths; where to put shelf (s)/benches; lights; water features.. , etc.. and/or websites to get ideas. Thanks.. We have our site plan, a basic drawing, 3D picture but not trying to figure out actuals of the...
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    25ft x 15ft New Pool and Spa - Contractor vs DIY (Phoenix, AZ)

    Yes, I do with flood irrigation
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    25ft x 15ft New Pool and Spa - Contractor vs DIY (Phoenix, AZ)

    Hello, who did you contact for engineering plans? I have my site plan also and am in the process of finalizing my pool design - basic rectangle 14 by 26 but trying to decide depths, baja shelf, etc,, to submit to Maricopa county for our permit.. Thanks, Dawn