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    Which test kit results would you trust

    The powder is relatively inexpensive. I do a 10ml FAS-DPD test daily and have for over a year (weekly in Winter). I bought replacement powder and have had 0 issues.
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    Chlorine & Acid Supply Shortage???

    I was just at my local Lowe's and they had pallets of both Kemtek Chlorine and Muriatic Acid 2-packs. They did mention that the chlorine shipment had just come in but I haven't seen/heard of a MA shortage.
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    Pool Store Honesty Test

    My favorite part is CYA of 113 is A-OK with a green check mark but the concern with a red circle is CH in a vinyl pool...
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    Anyone tried an Ariel yet?

    When I moved into my house, I had a Skim-a-round and no weir door. I e-mailed Skim-a-round and they said its fine to not use a weir door with their product. I was able to replace my weir door and have since pulled out the Skim-a-round. In all honesty I don't see much difference,. They both work...
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    Switching to salt, do I need a new test kit and routine?

    I recently made the change, and initially I was making SWG and pump run time adjustments daily to dial my Cl level in. Now I still test daily, but its more or less out of habit. I haven't really made any changes since then, although I may manually start my pump early if I see it will be a hot...
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    Wet spot in yard but passed bucket test

    So, I heard a story a few months ago about a neighbor complaining about a pool leaking water into their yard. One recommendation was to test the water for CYA, since if it is from a water main or sprinkler line CYA should be 0. If the water is from a pool it should have the same CYA level as the...
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    SWG costs

    I paid $1049 for the Edge-40 on April 2nd ($1048 for Edge-25 and $1 upgrade special). Replacement cells were $380. Those prices are now $1299 and $545....OUCH
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    Liquid Bleach/Chlorine Frequency

    In the summer about 3 gallons a week. I am in So Cal with direct sun much of the day. In the winter it was probably a gallon a week. I have a Lowes less than a mile a way and they stock LC year round so it was never much of a hassle, but I will admit the last month with a SWCG has been nice.
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    Liquid Bleach/Chlorine Frequency

    I agree, when I was using liquid chlorine I would test and add daily during swim season. In the winter I would test and add every 3 or 4 days (CA so I don't close the pool).
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    SWG costs

    I was pricing out Circupool SWGs and Discount Salt Pool had a sale that ended March 30. I rolled the dice to see what would happen on Apr 1, and the 2 models I was looking at went up a few hundred $ each. They still called them "On Sale" but I had screenshots of my cart that showed the prices...
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    Coming chlorine shortage? - It is Here!

    These rumors actually gave me the kick-in-the-butt I needed to install a SWCG a few weeks ago. I was only using LC, but it was still concerning...
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    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    Once the water hits 70F swim season is open for my son. Right now we are 75F or so and he and I are both swimming daily. We are getting night time temps in the 50s so we lose a few degrees overnight. I prefer it closer to 85F and my wife won't get in until at least that warm.
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    Air bubbles in closest two return lines

    I had a suction side air leak, and it drove me crazy seeing air bubbles in the returns. I ended up replacing the o-rings on the suction side Jandy 3 way valve and that cleared it up. I noticed if I turned the valve all the way to skimmer side or all the way to the cleaner port the bubbles got...