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    Jandy J-Box got water in it over winter

    So, I opened my pool today and was trying to get my Jandy PDA to just kept saying "waiting". I figured it may be a problem with the RF channel it was set to. In any event, I opened the J-box, and a bunch of water came out. We had lots of windblown rain over the winter and I guess...
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    Jandy LX400 - Ignitor Bad (I think)

    Scott - thanks. So, I assume that means that I need to remove all the screws from the top bar just above the burners and disconnect the gas valve too in order to slide the burner tray out.
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    Jandy LX400 - Ignitor Bad (I think)

    Been a long time since I've posted....So, we just got back from a week away and spent some time in the pool yesterday. I went to turn on the heater for the spa, and found that it won't light. I'm pretty sure that the igniter has gone bad (heater's about 4 years old). I've had this same...
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    Expected FC output from AquaPure 1400 @ 100%

    Jason - I actually just did that last night. Raised the FC to 9....was 9 this morning as well after sitting overnight without the pump running. As of right now, the water from the return is coming out at 11 FC (vs 9 FC in pool) at 80% output level. This seems low. Now, I did notice that my...
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    Expected FC output from AquaPure 1400 @ 100%

    Jason, My CYA is at 70 based on a reading about 2 weeks ago. I do think I may have some algae that was trying to take hold as I had brushed away some dark spots at the corners of 2 of my benches. The current FC level in the pool is 3.5. I can try to do a FC loss test tonight on that front...
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    Expected FC output from AquaPure 1400 @ 100%

    I think I have an issue with something eating my FC levels. That said, I also have a question with what sort of FC level I should expect coming out of my return with my AquaPure at 100%. Based on taking a water sample from my sheer decent, I am measuring 5.5 FC level coming directly from the...
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    Lbs of Chlorine from SWG to Bleach comparison

    I'm trying to figure out how long I need to run my pump and at what level I need to run my new Jandy AquaPure. I currently have my pump running 12 hours/day (2am - 5am; 12pm - 9pm) with my AquaPure at 80%. My basic numbers are FC 1.5; CC 0; PH 7.5 (constantly adding acid); Alk 80; CH 280; CYA...
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    Jandy LX Heater Flashback/Blowback Issue on Heater Startup

    I'm entering my third year with my pool in South Jersey. This year, I'm having a problem with my Jandy LX heater. It "flashes back" when attempting to start up. In the past 2 years, this happened once or twice as there were spider webs and the like in the venturis. This year, I attempted to...
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    compact solar heating module

    Has anyone seen this solar pool heating module before? I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with it and whether multiple units could be easily connected into 2" PVC plumbing for an in-ground pool (here's the link: ... 30/I/50589 )
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    Rabbits in Pool - Help!

    what about placing rabbit/deer plastic netting at the bottome of your pool fence that you would put around a garden?
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    Pool Build - Atlantic County, NJ

    white plaster is OK....fine for me. I do like the look of the 3M, but wasn't willing to spend the $$. We get full sun for most of the day, so our water gets pretty warm. I was actually just in the store yesterday to pick something up, and noticed that the display pool was splotchy. Since...
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    Pool Build - Atlantic County, NJ

    Montare67 - looks good. I'm guessing that your PB only deals in Jandy and doesn't offer much choice on the pump. Is it a S-M pool, by chance? Did Bob Lang do your deal? S-M built my pool....overall, I'm happy with it. They built it very quickly for me. I would suggest being there when they...
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    Which Metal Sequestrant

    So, I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum, but here goes.... I've been using Jack's Magic Blue as my sequestrant of choice. I'm using BBB with an LQ with my water chemistry maintained in the following range: FC: 5-7 PH: 7.5 ALK: 70 CA: 290 CYA: 50 I use sequestrant because I...
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    Hotel Pool Water Testing Observation

    So, I was at a local large chain business hotel ("CY") working out in the gym this morning....pool is right in front of me through the windows. In walks the maintenance guy with a couple small taylor bottles with yellow and red caps and a test block from a k-2005 kit. He kneels over to get...
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    12% chlorine prices around the country

    $11.99 for a 5 gal 12.5% returnable container with an $8 deposit per container. I usually pick up 2 or 3 and store in a cool shaded location.