Lbs of Chlorine from SWG to Bleach comparison


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Sep 10, 2007
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I'm trying to figure out how long I need to run my pump and at what level I need to run my new Jandy AquaPure. I currently have my pump running 12 hours/day (2am - 5am; 12pm - 9pm) with my AquaPure at 80%. My basic numbers are FC 1.5; CC 0; PH 7.5 (constantly adding acid); Alk 80; CH 280; CYA 70.

I appear to be having difficulty getting my FC to stay in the 3-4 range, as indicated by the PoolCalculator. Now, we are in a major heatwave here (100+ degrees today and many 92+ days) with 87+ degree water. I've been supplementing with Bleach to raise the levels, but I'm wondering if I just need to add more pump time....or is it just because it's so HOT (we also get direct sun from 10am - 8pm).

The AquaPure is supposed to generate 1.25 pounds of chlorine per 24 hour period. I am running it at 80% for 12 hours (as previously mentioned). So, based on my rudimentary calculations, that translates to a 1/2 pound of chlorine per day. How much bleach (6%) does this translate to?


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May 7, 2007
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You can use the Pool Calculator to answer questions like this one, though it doesn't do it directly. In the FC section, you can set the type of chlorine to "chlorine gas" to get weights that correspond to the numbers reported by SWG spec sheets. Then you need to play with the current and target FC levels to get the weight of chlorine gas to where you want it, and then it will show you the equivalent amount of bleach.


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Jun 2, 2008
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Man I love that pool calculator!
When I put in 28k for the pool size, 0 and 2.14 for the Now and Target FC, leave the bleach at 6% and select chlorine gas, it tells me that it takes 124 oz of 6% bleach, which equals 8.0 ounces of chlorine gas.
So the answer to your question is 124 ounces of 6% bleach is what your 12 hour run at 80% power produces with a clean cell.
You do know that you should always stay ABOVE the minimum recommended FC level of 3 (I would recommend a 5-6ppm target myself) for your 70 CYA, don't you? If it is dipping below that at any time, you are susceptible to algae, which will increase your chlorine demand. I would crank up the output to 100% immediately. Raising your CYA another 10-15 ppm will cut your chlorine UV losses, but before doing that I would do an overnight FC loss test to make sure that something other then UV is not eating your FC.
I use borates to combat ph creep, and it has cut my acid usage quite a bit, plus, it acts as a mild algaecide, too.
Good Luck, and Best Wishes!!


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Apr 27, 2010
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You don't really, he is just trying to figure out how long to run the SWG. He is converting SWG output to equivalent bleach so he can figure how long to run the SWG.

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