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    Pentair Mastertemp 400 displaying wrong temp - Lesson Learned and shared.

    I have had intermittent issues with my 3yr old Pentair Mastertemp 400. It would occasionally show a temp that was much higher than the actual water temp. If the pool water was say 65D the heater would show a water temp of 115D. After a couple of hours the temp on the heater would correct...
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    Pitting in my grout.

    Thanks for the replies. I think it probably is poor installation of the grout. I remember it was a custom color they had to mix on site. The probably got the consistency wrong. I'll start getting quotes for repair. Thanks Sean
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    Pitting in my grout.

    [attachment=1:1nws2epx]photo.JPG[/attachment:1nws2epx]FC: 3ppm PH: 7.2 TA :90 CYA: 100+ CH:650 CH from fosset water = 275 I have an issue with the grouting on my coping brickwork pitting. As you can see in the pics. I have high CYA so for the last year I've been using 12% Liquid chlorine and...
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    High CYA in socal

    My pool was installed in Q1 and started using it in March. I’ve been using a pool guy to stay on top the chemicals and been cleaning it myself. For a number of weeks I’ve been getting mustard Algae. I did the usual thing of brush it off to find it re-appears the next day or so. I wasn’t...
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    New member pics

    I've been lurking for a while and learnt a lot, Many thanks to all. So this week I’ve dispensed with the services of my pool guy and going DIY after mustard algae in pool for a number of weeks. CYA is 100+! Anyway, that’s all for another thread….. Here are some pics of the construction...