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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Just checked the Pool Essentials bleach at Walmart here in Longview and it is still all dated 18 350. Too old for me.
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    A Good Pool Pole

    Just wanted to update this post and let everyone know that the pole I mentioned above is still going strong with no signs of wear. It stays out on my deck year round. (I don't use the back of my shed to store items anymore).
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    New Above Ground Considerations

    I'm not completely sure but I don't think Doughboy will warranty their pools if salt is used. I have a resin Doughboy pool but the bottom track and pool wall are not resin. After a couple of seasons dealing with manual bleach additions I can see the attraction for salt pools. I might switch...
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    Joined the Robot Cleaner Club

    We are still waiting for inspiration to strike. My wife called it Dude so I started calling it the big Lebowski (you have to know the movie) so she dropped that - she doesn't like that movie. Our robot cleaner in the house is called Eddie (no good reason why) but he has been replaced after a few...
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    Joined the Robot Cleaner Club

    I was wimpy. After only one season of manual cleaning of my pool I broke down and purchased a Dolphin E-10 robot cleaner. This is the same as an Active 10 cleaner but I guess it has a different color? Online sales only? I also bought the ultra-fine filter since I get a lot of pollen and dust...
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    Deck over? or level? or under? the Top Plate

    I went even with the rail but added a ring of deck boards around the pool so that I could remove them easily if needed for access. I'm still working on keeping the grandkids off the top rail even though this pool is supposedly rated to handle it. I'd rather they stay off, though.
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    New Pool Build In Longview, TX

    Thanks. The border around the pool will hopefully make it easier to replace a liner when needed. I will only have to remove those border pieces to do the job. At least that is the theory. As for the railing with the thin and thick pieces - those were made from 8' picket fence boards. I cut...
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    New Pool Build In Longview, TX

    Thanks. I appreciate it. - - - Updated - - - Thanks. I guess that is what I will be doing after all the wood dries for a while.
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    New Pool Build In Longview, TX

    Thought I would post an update on the deck that is taking forever to build. Construction was finally complete a while ago so now we just have some of the final (really probably never ending) touches to complete. We still need to do some more landscaping under and around the deck. We will also...
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    bottom of new pool liner faded

    Mangela, I have had my pool a little less than 5 months and I've noticed the exact same thing. I have a Doughboy pool and I'm not sure who made the liner. I don't know why the sun would just fade the bottom and nothing on any part of the side. Do you have a vermiculite bottom? Mine is and that...
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    How do I get the air out from my new filter and pump?

    Ditto what jblizzle said. I get a large bubble showing while running my pump on low speed but it will disappear when I run on high speed and even faster when I bleed the air from the top of my cartridge filter. It will come back in short time, though, while running at low speed.
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    Need recommendation for telescoping pole

    Check out this thread. This has been a good Pole for me so far. A Good Pool Pole
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    PVC fountain in Polaris port

    Make sure you unscrew the lock ring first. I have the same fountain and haven't had a problem removing it.
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    Photobucket huge price increase

    I am using Flickr.
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    Fountain coolers--what performance are you getting?

    I have not tracked temperature but my fountain does seem to help. You get more evaporation running during the day and evaporation is how they cool. Temperatures drop at night so my pool cools down from that and then the sun heats it back up. I also have only one return so I turn the fountain...