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    Brand new pool, but same as what I had...

    I do know how to use the Pool's a lifesaver! Love this place! Thank you both....wish me luck!
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    Brand new pool, but same as what I had...

    I read on the start up page for temp. pool that you should use diclor - shock treatment that comes in small packs, saw the Shock and Swim at Wal-Mart thinking it was the same thing. I bought the wrong stuff I guess, I just went by the name and not ingredients...duh :oops: But it does say to use...
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    Brand new pool, but same as what I had...

    I didn't find this website until my pool was in trouble 3 years ago. We got rid of the old and got a new exact same pool, only this time I want to start off correct. I just got it filled and then read your instructions on what to do, my question is, I bought the HTH Shock and Swim, is this the...
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    FC & CC ?

    I have been in the shocking process for a couple of days. My FC held overnight, but my CC is 1, the water is still in that cloudy stage....because of the CC, should I continue the process even if I held FC overnight? FC 16.5 CC 1 CYA 45
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    FYI: Intex Magnetic Wall Light

    I was looking for this light for my pool, checked online at Target and Wallyworld...same price at both places $50.00, sold out online so I went to Target and they had them marked at 50% off in the it was $24.99....just wanted to share this info about a good deal! I actually just put...
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    Energy Bill...OUCH!

    Ours was $500 this month and DH was actually happy about that.....he thought it would be $800 like August last year. We have 2 units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs..3,000 sq. ft. I think next months bill will be huge! :shock:
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    Here's my little oasis...

    Just beautiful...that Chimney needs a BIG TEXAS STAR right on the front of it! lol
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    LOST.. HELP!!!!!

    I, personally have never used Algae guard ever, all I have ever used to get my pool clean is the Bleach, sound like it's going to take a lot of bleach to get it cleared up though. I think your pool is just a tad smaller than mine...
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    LOST.. HELP!!!!!

    Someone should be coming along soon to answer your technical questions. Bleach is the same thing as Liquid Chlorine only much cheaper and a lesser % of strength...good luck to you! It's going to take some time to get it sparkling...BUT it will happen if you follow the directions that the...
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    LOST.. HELP!!!!!

    Yes Clorox...or the Wal-Mart brand...just make sure it is plain and not scented, it works, trust me! I have been where you are...just takes time and a lot of patience
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    Final pics I never got posted

    Wow! It's awesome...I would never leave that spot all summer with that view..... :goodjob:
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    Who else is watching frustratedpoolmom's post count?

    Gee FPM...I'd like to help you along with this...BUT my pool is sparkling clean thanks to your other posts, I think about 300 of those were helping me last summer.... :goodjob: :thequeen:
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    anyone having a pool party for the 4th of July?

    Hey, I'll bring the "Bacon Explosion" to the party... :wink: :party:
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    Census Poll on Intex Users

    Hey js...I have the pool with the blown up ring at the top, do you think that light would fit properly over that? Thanks!
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    Census Poll on Intex Users yours the Easy Set or the Metal frame one?