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    Need help with pool anchors for umbrellas/volleyball/basketball?

    I put something like these in for volleyball. They are bronze and are not supposed to rust, even with salt. Aluminum will eventually corrode with salt from my research. I can't remember where I got them, but these say they are for pavers. The ones I got were for cement. I would put them half way...
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    What to do after mouse?

    It's not the best looking thing, but it works. Sometimes, it gets some debris on it, but it's worth it to me not having to remove dead things as much. And, it's not breaking the bank. I got the two pack, but only have one in the pool, so I have a spare when this one gets gross(dirty, faded).
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    What to do after mouse?
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    First-timer closing AG pool -- pillows YAY or NAY?

    My last pool was an AGP and I always used the pillow. However, my next door neighbor had an AGP as well and never used the pillow. Both our pools survived the same climate as yours. I liked the pillow because I would position it a little off center, so the rain water would collect near the side...
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    Thanks to TFP for great 1st season

    I second that gratitude to this site. I found it over a year ago during our pre-build/build. The pool was a big investment for us, and I knew it needed to be taken care of. My kids/wife would make fun of me when I pulled out the TF-100 nearly every night the first month or two. But, then, they...
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    I Don't Want to Lower My AGP Water for Winter?

    When I had an AGP, I had a skimmer with a "Tupperware" lid that attached inside the pool, so I didn't lower the water. I unhooked the two lines(suction and return) and left the bottom of the skimmer open for any water drainage(Rain/snow). I also covered the top of the skimmer with a piece of...
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    Caulking Expansion Joint in New Pool (1st Winter)

    I don't think it will fill with water because the foam has holes in it to drain the water, so no issues with ice. My only issue with the foam this first season is with small pieces of cement that stuck to the foam and then detached and ended up in the pool. They immediately settled to the bottom...
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    Caulking Expansion Joint in New Pool (1st Winter)

    Our pool was new in May and I still have the foam expansion joints in. I plan on waiting at least a year to put in the Mastic. Going to give it plenty of time for settling of the concrete and pool. If you do it now and the pool and or concrete settles, then the Deck o Seal will separate and...
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    CH test

    Forgot to mention that the pool fill water is after the softener.
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    CH test

    I have the same issue. My sample will look like it turns blue while on the SmartStir, but if I hold it up to the light, it is like lavender. I have to keep adding drops to get a true blue. This is our first season with this pool too, and I can't imagine my CH is that high. I take a sample in to...
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    Plaster Finish Lines

    Sorry to hear about your plaster issues. Could you post some pictures of the lines and also the spongy areas. If there's spongy areas on Day 8, then I would be more concerned with that then the lines. Our plaster was solid on Day 1, even though we didn't get in for a week. Just feeling the sides...
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    Jandy Aquapure SWG

    Same SWG and builder here. My display was also reading higher than the K-1766 test. PM said to go by the display, but it was clear he didn't know much about the SWG. He started putting salt in the deep end and it was harder to brush it in. In the paperwork he handed me, Line 1 said to dump salt...
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    Active 30i vs Warrior SE

    There's definitely a problem with that cord. I would contact Marina or Maytronics and show them that picture of the tangled cord
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    Active 30i vs Warrior SE

    Before your next run, try untangling the cord before you plug it in. I would put the robot in at the far end of the pool and then unscrew the cord from the power supply. Then, I would twist the cord in the direction that gets rid of any twists. Now, when you plug it back in to the power supply...
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    Newbie, need help with new timer

    I actually see one in the picture