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    Pool pump ran for days after closing! How bad is it?

    Probably ruined your pump. You won't be able to tell for sure until you re-open the pool, but I would be surprised if it did not warp / whatever.
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    To cover or not to cover

    You may not even need to cover the equipment - but if you don't - be DILIGENT about keeping the leaves off your pump and other things that can rust !!! personal experiance - Lost a pump because I was too lazy to keep the leaves off of my pump - the outside part of the motor rusted out, then...
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    Store VSP Inside for Winter?

    I've had a pump motor rust away when I didn't get the leaves brushed away - taking the pump out is, for me, a 5 minute operation. well worth it to take the pump out of the weather when I'm not using it.
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    Store VSP Inside for Winter?

    I pull MY pump, and it's not a VSP. I have PVC caps that I can put unions on to keep the critters out, and I have an outlet / recepticle rated for 240V 20Amps for pool power. This thread reminded me - While i did close the pool last weekend, I DID NOT pull the pump yet, also need more stakes...
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    Will one of these pumps work for me?

    Any of them would work - If you're using single speed (in CA) - you can't use the 1.65 HP model. Since your electricity is SO EXPENSIVE - you REALLY need to consider either a 2speed or a VS pump.
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    Pool motor not starting - extremely hot

    If you have an electric motor shop locally, I'd take the motor to them and see if they can do anything with it. If not - then look for either a new motor or a new pump. If you need a new pump - do you really need a 2 HP pump ?
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    Filter - Pump Match?

    This pump will be fine.Just check the electricals in the motor are set for 120V.
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    Filter - Pump Match?

    It will be fine. Only thing I can suggest is that most dual voltage pumps come wired for 220V - check before you hook up the electrical.
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    1 1/2 Pump Inlet/Outlet with 2" Plumbing

    Won't present a problem, as long as you have the reducing adapters in place. If you bought a Pentair pump - the Superflo are maybe 1.5 inch screw in, but they come with union fittings that can take either 1.5 OR 2 inch. It would not surprise me if the Whisperflo are the same.
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    Sand filter vs Cartridge Filter

    personally - When I have enough rain to require draining the pool down - I backwash it out, along with the 30 sec rinse afterwards. My thinking is that I'm dumping water out anyway - so might was well cleanout the filter while I'm at it. Filter type - all 3 types have their pluses and minuses...
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    Best time to run filter, day or night?

    What kind of timer do you have ? If you have an Intermatic, you can buy additional DOG sets
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    Advice on a new pump

    You can't replace the motor without also replacing the impeller. If you would start using a 1.5 HP (SFHP), it would be too much load and burn the motor out. But saying that - if you replaced the whole pump - you could get by with the Superflo 1 HP model or the 1.5 HP (I would suggest the energy...
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    Closing IG pool

    My first couple years - I tried blowing out the lines - I really did. But no matter what I did, there was always water in the return lines very shortly. For me - the returns are below the freezeline - so I don't bother. When I tried blowing them, I used the shop vac right before the lines went...
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    2 Speed pump to single speed (wiring question)

    See - the issue is where do you change speeds ? If it's with a switch on the motor - you will need the common and the one that feeds the switch hooked up. If you use an external switch , then you need the common and just one of the speed controls.
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    Pool pump won't turn on

    You also need to check that the voltage from L1 to L2 is on the order of 240 - 250V AC .