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    What's your biggest pool "uh oh?"

    I sure can relate to this one! 🤣
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    Pump size/SWG capacity - Time to decide soon

    Go with the 40k SWCG. Last time I looked it was the sweet spot in the Hayward lineup in terms of value for the money. It will also give you more flexibility in run times.
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    Squeeze last bit of life out of cell?

    I take it with a 40ml sample I would still only use 1 drop of chromate indicator (R-0630)?
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    Squeeze last bit of life out of cell?

    UPDATE: I’m getting ready to close so did a full suite of tests, including salt using various methods. The new T15 cell I bought earlier this season has been performing normally. As suggested by Joyful, I reduced usage Jack’s Magic Purple Stuff, but still enough to keep staining under...
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    Premature Failure... or junk?

    The pics show the old motor to be a Hayward 6060 (I have the same one). PB4-60 is a Polaris booster pump model.
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    Premature Failure... or junk?

    I’ve been using the Hayward 6060 booster pump since 2015 with no issues.
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    Impact of salty water in bleach-only pool

    His experience with the Hayward SWCG is different than mine. I don’t like that he repeats myths (basically, using a SWCG will destroy your pool 🙄). There’s a number of other things wrong in his article as well. Our pool, installed in 2004, has had a Goldline (Hayward) Aqua Rite since day one...
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    Maytronics Dolphin Parts

    Someone in another thread mentioned this place
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    Winter/Snow Chemical Storage?

    This is exactly my experience with MA. Didn’t matter that the cap was on tight.
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    Conflicting information for testing CYA

    Glance approach here. Much better for my sanity. 😆
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    My Dolphin Active30 is a Lemon

    Stories like these make me appreciate my basic 9 year old Polaris 280 even more. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it does the job, it’s reliable, and parts are easy to find and economical. I realize these stories don’t likely represent the majority experience, but I have no appetite for...
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    DPD powder contaminated in shipment

    Did this get resolved?
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    TF100 test kit price

    Odd. It looks like the TF 100 is no longer available; just the TF Pro (Salt and Non Salt options).
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    Seeking a SPENT Circupool RJ-60 Plus Cell

    Tomorrow I’ll see if I can find it and a box. I’ll PM you then.