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    How to vacuum small Intex AGP

    Does that auto cleaner work with the 12” filter. I think it’s on the minimum range for flow at 1600 gph
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    How to vacuum small Intex AGP

    It’s a 1.25. I have a 1.5 return I’ve considered modifying to have
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    How to vacuum small Intex AGP

    I have the 8x18x42” AGP. I have been having nightmares trying to figure out to vacuum. Small kids and lots of heat means little grass and lots of mud. I upgraded from the small cartridge filter to the 12” this season. I have this vacuum tube...
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    Winter cover for Intex 8’ x 16’ rectangular pool

    I’m down in South Texas where it will get below freezing for a couple of weeks overnight but we don’t usually expect snow. Looking to keep the pool up and trying to find a cover. I’m finding supplies scarce for the 8x16x42. Lots of stuff for round and the 9x18. Any suggestions for a winter cover...