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    Sink deck posts in concrete or up on blocks?

    I don't know about pool stability issues, but we're putting our deck addition on blocks and not attaching it to the existing deck so we don't have to pull permits (freestanding vs attached to the house - your city may have different requirements). We also have some drainage and frost heave...
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    Reef liner by Latham

    Ooh, that's pretty! 😍 I wish we could get something like that for ours.
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    Official 2019 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Yes, but they still had the beer aftertaste, so I stayed a wine cooler girl. ☺ Everyone here is seriously making me rethink the whole "leave the grilling to the husband" thing. I just might have to figure some of this out, because your meals look awesome! 😍
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    Coleman/Bestway leaking windows warrantied without a receipt

    Bummer about your season, but so glad they're replacing it for you! It's a cool idea, but on top of the leaking issue, the amount of "Mom, look at me!" that would come with it here would do me in. 🤪 I do like their exterior pattern though. I wonder if that came after all the pics of people...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Oops, missed that, thank you - it's beautiful! It looks a bit like the bluestone pics our landscaper sent over.
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Love it! What is your decking/patio?
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    Any Transplant Pool Owners?

    Yes, this, and hugs to you and yours! As for swimming when the pool is in the shade, that is truly my favorite time to be in ours. There's something so restful and relaxing about swimming without the glare and the sun beating down - love it! :love:
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Your plants are GORGEOUS and make me wish I lived in a warmer climate! :love: Our paradise, aka "post pool install landscaping," is scheduled for late Sept/early Oct, but it will be a north woods look, so not at all tropical. It's what we decided to do instead of buying out our family's cabin...
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    Yes, that, along with putting it somewhere else, and going bigger for the actual pool. Our neighbors had a bigger pool and complained about it, saying they wish they'd gone smaller. They have three kids to our one, so we listened and went with smaller. We use ours so much more than they use...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work, crying, and cussing paid off!! *pics!*

    I'm right there with you. So. Many. Floats! They're just too cute! 😂 No one here actually uses them though. We all end up on noodles so we can be in the water instead of on it, and the floats just float around getting in the way until someone throws them out of the pool. The noodles, glitter...
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    Sun Fiberglass Pools

    I don't know anything about fiberglass pools, but this? This is totally normal, and it probably won't be the last time you feel this way. Don't worry though, it'll all be great when it's done. (y) I hope you'll share pics as it goes in.
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    Edit: Another paver question lol

    Yes, that. We put ours on the tarp (back when we had Intex pools), and it did collect water. I ended up going around the pool with a knife, trimming the tarp back to get the water to drain out. Also, don't worry, pool builds of any kind seem to bring out the frustration and anxiety in all of...
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    AGP how long last? How big to go?

    Yes, and if the pool store says they have a favorite or preferred installer, WAIT for that one. We didn't and had a horrible experience. It wasn't worth the extra 3 weeks of swimming. If I had it to do over again, I would've stayed far, far away from our guy. I still keep the preferred guy's...
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    My Dad's Pool

    So very sorry for your loss, Casey - sending love and hugs to you and yours. 💐 I hope with time the pain eases, and the memories bring happiness instead. 💕
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    Boatmen and/or backswimmers

    My husband smashes them with a rock while they're still on the net, then flicks them out in to the yard. I guess he learned that from our neighbor? Yuck. We always send him out a bit before my daughter and I are ready to swim so he can clear them out if we have them. :p He got 20 the other day...