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    Started today...its full 12-2-19

    It's the reflection (look at the flamingo float) - makes it look like the skimmer is completely open, because it's reflecting the open top half on the the water. Ours does that sometimes too, usually sending me outside to double check. Gorgeous pool - congratulations! 🎉
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    Why doesn’t Pollywood make a plantation chair!!!

    Oh how disappointing on the Grandin chairs! I was actually considering those, and a painted bench. I'm betting if the chairs don't last, neither will the bench. Bummer. A polywood set would be fabulous! I wonder if it has something to do with cutting the curves? It might be worth an email...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Wow, that looks like a lot of work! How long do you have to keep them in the greenhouses? With all the rain, our landscape crew is running over a month behind. Rumor has it they're starting rock/hardscape/drainage work tomorrow, and doing our plants in the spring. I'll believe it when I see it.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    56 today when we took the ladder out and put the micro mesh cover on. :eek: 🥶
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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Depending on the yard situation, sometimes good drainage does feel like a gift from above. ;)
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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Wow, I bet that's nice! Straight from the hose here is COLD, even in the summer. Noodles and beach balls filled with sparkly confetti are the teen favorites here. So is screaming. I don't understand that part, but there's always a lot of screaming when her friends/teammates are in the pool...
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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Oh that's a pretty color! 😍 How old is your daughter? Last year my (now) 13yr old and a friend were in the pool before the fill water had a chance to warm up too. Their lips turned blue pretty quickly and they came back out, but there was no way they were going to not get in that pool once it...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    96 for our evening swim yesterday after the husband and teen (and her friends) cranked up the heater up tp "spa" apparently 🤪 - way too warm, kind of gross. I turned off the heater at 6pm last night and it's down to 84 this morning. If it wasn't so cool and windy out right now, I'd hop in.
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    "Temporary" AGPs + Northern winters. Can they survive?

    We did this with a 15ft Intex Ultra one winter (2017/18), after the ones we took down and stored kept coming out of storage with leaks. We drained below the returns, drained and brought in all the equipment/pipes, and covered it with the Intex cover it came with... which blew off roughly a month...
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    Would you get a pool again?

    In MN it doesn't seem to add value. Houses with pools seem to sit at right about the same prices (maybe a touch higher) as similar houses without pools, but it can make the house harder to sell. Our season is short, and filling an inground in if you don't want it is expensive. We did an above...
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    Now that Labour day is upon us....

    Ours was still at 72 this morning after not heating all week (we did finally cover it though). As it stands now, we'll heat for Sunday and Monday (sadly Sunday is starting to look a bit iffy), and then we're probably done too. I'm still kind of hoping for a rebound heatwave later in the month...
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    bugs in my skimmer

    We use socks and hairnets, so I bent a metal coat hanger and use that to fish the basket out of our skimmer. All it took was one spider running up my arm for me to decide to not stick my hand in there ever again. :eek: I just leave the hanger in the cabinet with our robot and grab it when I...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    Yeah, we do need it. I think we over use it, but our bills haven't been too bad. I had to laugh last night when we were watching some ultimate resort pool show. They kept talking about how the resorts keep the pools at a "balmy 85 degrees" or "the water is 84 all year long!" My 13yr old was not...
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    FINALLY!! All the hard work and crying paid off!! *pics!*

    It beats our week. We're going to warm up a bit here - back to 77 tomorrow, then Sun/75, Mon/77, Tue/78, with 50s/low 60s for overnights. Ugh, I hope it gets better after that because not swimming every day is making me sad. At least we have a heater - I wish it could help with the air temps. ☺
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to them too! 🤪 Ugh, we're still a month out, and I'm SO TIRED of the mess we still have. We were hoping to keep the pool open for one last gathering once the yard was done, but if it the temps trend the way they've been going, we'll be closed before the landscaper...