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    Concern about freezing temps

    Well dang, that is awesome feedback and help!!! I did speak with my pool service company, and they clarified to me that as long as I can run the pump to draw from the floor drain, and return through the return jets (even though those will be above the water line as the pool fills), I should be...
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    Concern about freezing temps

    Hello, I have an odd situation and have a concern about freezing temps we are expecting in a few days. I had some damage on the steps of my pool on the Pebble-Tec finish. These need to be repaired, and the only licensed Pebble_Tec company said they could only do it in the fall (as they are...
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    First time OCLT test, what insight does this provide

    Hello, long story, but a week ago, my water was perfectly clear and balanced. I may have accidentally let my FC get to zero or near zero for a very short time (no more than a day, and likely less than that). I had read that SLAM should be considered if FC ever dropped to zero. I did some more...
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    Getting the Frogs Out, Kids In

    This is a great thread! I had a similar situation with a foreclosed house we bought 3 years ago. Luckily the pool had been winterized (probably several years prior), but there was no cover, tons of garbage, frogs, and the water was a thick green pea soup kind of consistency. It will be very...
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    Good source for Calcium Chloride?

    Hello, I need to increase my CH, and I was wondering what the best source for Calcium Chloride is that is sure to be pure enough for pool water. Does anyone have a good product to recommend at a good price? I prefer from a place like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, or online retailer if...
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    VS Pump upgrade

    Interesting.... I got $350 direct from the utility company when I installed mine.
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    VS Pump upgrade

    I am not an expert, but I use a Pentair VST2, and the ability to set variable speeds saves tons of money, and comes in handy for different applications. One note, Pentair released a new model that allows you to not just set RMP's but to set water flow rates, which I think would be more useful.
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    Why bother aerating pool to raise pH?

    This has definitely been my experience, and I have good data from my hot tub fresh fills. Our TA from our tap is around 180, and my target for the hot tub is 50-60, and so I drop pH to 7.2 by adding acid and running the jets. Within 10-15 minutes the pH rises to 8 or so, I drop again.... It...
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    Cloudy water after treatment

    Yep, I saw your youtube video, and the problem I have is identical. It is amazing how much that powder feels and looks like something that would be easy to brush or remove, but you are right, the moment it is disturbed it is super fine and just goes back into the water. I have a Dolphin robot...
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    Cloudy water after treatment

    Bringing back an old thread, because I just had this exact same issue. After following the directions precisely, my water is milky white, and there is a layer of white "powdery dust on the steps and floor that keeps coming back every time I brush. I spoke with the manufacturer, who was very...
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    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

    I am not an expert on the product you used, but it looks like the application of the product had a result that is drawing out some bad stuff (biofilm type gunk). That stuff is nasty and needs to be wiped out and cleaned, and also the water should be drained and filled. My simple speculation is...
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    Opinions on Frog Products @Ease In-Line system for new hot tub

    Thanks for the great insight and information. You bring up a good point about maybe now is not a good time for me to maintain a hot tub,.... But.... my wife and kids, and most importantly my wife demand it :) Dumb question here, but could you give a bit of an overview of the level of effort...
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    Opinions on Frog Products @Ease In-Line system for new hot tub

    Hello, I have enjoyed owning a hot tub for about two years, and have learned so much from this site and from owning the tub - thank you all! My current tub has a small leak. I seem to need to add maybe 20gallons of water every 2-4 weeks. The tub is 13 years old, and I do not want to...
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    Help picking out new hot tub

    Hello, I have owned a used hot tub for about a year now. The tub was in really good condition, and it was nice owning it to confirm that we a) want a hot tub, and b) know what features we like. However, either due to it's age, or my poor water chemistry at times, it has two leaks. They are...
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    Practical help fixing leaks

    Hello all - I was able to acquire a 2004 Tiger River Spa Hot Tub. Prior to having it put on my patio, I had it checked by a local company. They put it in their shop, cleaned it, and ran it. At that time, they did not detect any leaks. After it was moved to my house, and we began using it, we...