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    Wiring Help

    It's an Intermatic timer. Probably a T104. Is it laying on the ground? What is that debris inside the timer enclosure? Mounting off the ground and cleaning out the enclosure should be the first priority from a safety standpoint. If the rusting is extensive, the entire enclosure and timer...
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    Managing my CYA

    And if your CYA is over 100, do a diluted CYA test to get a better number than "over 100". Based on the diluted CYA test results, we can better advise you.
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    Overnight chlorine drop test - FC rises

    Is your tab feeder empty? Turning its dial off doesn't guarantee it actually doesn't have some water flowing thru it and putting chlorine into the pool.
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    New Plaster/Pool pH Fluctuation

    Sounds like a call to your PB is warranted. Explain your readings. Ask when CYA will be added. Mention your high pH and low FC readings. Ask what he plans to do if/when the pool gets algae and turns green.
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    Featured New House, New Pool, What kind of filter is this?

    Do a diluted CYA test today. Add pool water to bottom of sticker. Add tap water to top of sticker. Shake. Pour out half so mixture is to bottom of sticker. Add reagent to top of sticker. Shake. Test outside with back to sun and tube at waist level. Pour back and forth a few times to see if you...
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    Featured New House, New Pool, What kind of filter is this?

    Direct sunlight and high heat is not a good combination for a drain/refill as sun/heat can dry out your plaster. Temps should be. below 85 or so. It's supposed to be mostly overcast for the next two days according to the forecast. If you can't get to it, you will have to wait for the next...
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    TF-100pro instructions

    R-7065, R-7064, R-7063, R-7062 R-0003 is to test for CC R-0600 is an OTO reagent to test for FC (not overly accurate) using the left side (yellow colors) of the comparator block...
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    Featured New House, New Pool, What kind of filter is this?

    Given our forecast weather from now thru Monday morning, consider at least an 80% drain/refill starting Saturday morning. You can rent a sump pump from Home Depot. Or you can try the water exchange method - draining from the deep end and filling from the shallow end at the same time. The...
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    What Kind of Vacuum / Cleaner for Thursday Pearl?

    Call Margaret at Marina Pool & Spa in Colorado. She can recommend what cleaner may work best for your pool type and shape. They are pretty busy, you may need to call or email a few times to get a response. They do phone orders and will provide free shipping. Fullwarranty cogerage tto. Marina...
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    Featured New House, New Pool, What kind of filter is this?

    You need to test your CH - about once a month - as our hard water and high evaporation rate will cause CH to climb. Then you need to enter all your test results in and track CSI. Keep CSI in the range of 0.0 to -0.3 to keep scaling to a minimum. As CH rises you will need to maintain a slightly...
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    Salt cell not keeping up

    Given the heat in southern Texas, you may have to increase cell percent quite a bit higher and/or increase pump runtime. Use liquid chlorine to quickly boost FC to the necessary number based on . Keeping your CSI in the 0.00 to -0.30 range should minimize scaling on the cell. Adjust pH, TA, CH...
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    Pentair Clean and Clear Filter assembly lid cracked

    If the home warranty company only wants to replace the lid assembly, ask if they are going to assume the liability of the lower portiln also being faulty. If they won't buy off on that, some home warranty companies will pay out the cash value of the lid if you purchase an entire new filter...
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    CYA test with tf-100 ... not within 100-20

    This weekend - starting late Friday afternoon - may be a good time to do a full drain and refill as the weather is supposed to be overcast and temps in low 90's. Not ideal, but better than full sun and 110+. If you do attempt this this weekend, keep a water hose handy to keep the pool surface...
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    Does my skimmer "suck enough" (how much flow should there be)?

    Ideally, your pool water level should be about 1/2 way up the height of the weir door (when door is closed fully). Yours appears about 2" or so too low.
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    Question about bottom outlet

    If that line is plumbed to the bottom drain or equilizer line via the second hole in the skimmer, it will not pull water into the skimmer and back to the equipment if there is no functioning diverter valve in place.