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    CYA, Cl and SE Texas Rainfall!!!

    2015 has brought Bookoo’s of rain to SE Texas. Unfortunately it seems like much more on the way with a tropical storm looming in the Gulf. We’ve had so much water this year that I’m back to using my tab chlorine feeder at full-blast (I let me CYA drop to 30PPM) :( Normally 1 bucket of tabs...
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    Does your pool feels like a spa? Get a Glacier Pool Chiller

    Great review and Thanks for posting! I'm South of HTown and agree with you-summer swimming in 90F is too hot. I've been considering the Glacier for a few years now!! I think it's by far the most efficient/cost effective option. Also impressed how they worked it into that tight space.
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    Another Pool Build in Cypress, TX

    Progressing nicely and looking good!
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    SWG & Deck Sealer Issues

    An interesting article on SWG pools and deck sealers. Silane & siloxane based sealers seem to prevail...
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    How much does a new pool cost?

    ^smracing is correct-location, location, location!
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    How much does a new pool cost?

    Welcome to TFP! I see you live in Pearland so I'll take a stab at your cost question for an IG pool. From what I've seen in most standard (cookie-cutter) neighborhoods in our area, IG pool sizes range from 10k-40K gallons. "Bare bones" minimal decking no water feature except for maybe a small...
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    New Pool Build in Central Texas

    Wow, very nice! Love the hill country and you tied it together perfect.
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    Our Mountain Retreat

    Wow, very nice design!!!
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    hello from south Tx!

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Hello from Midlothian Texas

    Welcome to TFP-can't wait to follow your Pool-build!
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    Outdoor cooler project

    Nice attention to detail and a most excellent backyard!
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    Started My ODK

    I'll agree with Paul and add 10%. The strength is in the backer board, but just to add lateral strength(especially during construction), a few angled supports are nice.
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    Started My ODK

    I love the look of a nice stained concrete counter, but I'm really concerned with their longevity outside. I know my stamped/stained patio finish has aged rather quickly; shows all sorts of calcium type buildup and discolorations (streaks). My thoughts for you are to look around for granite...
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    Suggestions on garden, rock speakers?

    Wow, crabboy, that's not good. I wondered how they were designed. Looking closely at them it appears the grill area is not made to be water-tight, so I wonder if they must drain somewhere? Anyway, hate to hijack this thread.....just curious. For the speaker wire, i used the direct bury...
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    New Pool Build- First time Owners- Pearland, TX

    I know you had good luck with Premier Pools-your pool looks awesome, but I'm really curious what became of AppleGuy's pool problem. He posted a few months ago about what seemed to lean toward a pool shell-tilt and then he disappeared without any updates. I'm curious how it was resolved. I...