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    High pool pump pressure

    Use good water pressure, and a good high pressure nozzle. They sell brass ones at home depot for about 5 dollars. It should look like a mustard cap, shaped like a cone. This is the best nozzle to use. It sounds like you've still got algae between the pleats of your cartridges. I have noticed a...
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    New to TFP, I am a pool professional

    Hi everyone, I am a pool professional, been in the industry 12 years. In my time, Ive seen just about everything. I started as a pool cleaner, worked up to repairs, now I am the head boss for a well known pool company in California. I love working with pools, so any opportunity I get, I like to...
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    New to TFP and currently replastering the pool

    Exposed rebar is cleaned and coated in liquid epoxy to prevent rust from seeping through the plaster, then covered with bonding agent and then plaster.