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    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    Update-not working so great in windy conditions. recent strong front came through and over half of the foam pieces were blown either into the pool or out from under the cover. sigh.
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    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Mine improved over time after replacing climbing rings; how long has it been since you replaced them? Did you check the styrofoam pieces to be sure intact?
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    Help me blow out the main line with compressor? Its set up as shown but nothings happening.

    looks like your skimmer line valve and main drain valve are both in the same position. i take it you have already plugged the skimmer lines at the skimmers, but you might try closing the skimmer line valve to see if it helps with blowing the main drain.
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    Closing with mesh cover before water temperature is below 60 degrees
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    Water still leaking to waste when pump is on filter

    you might try moving the key a fraction. turn pump off, push handle down as if you are going to change valve position, but just bump it a fraction and reseat the key. that has worked for me in the past when i had that problem.
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    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    i used 3/4 in barb connectors less than 30c apiece. Have had my mesh cover on for about 3 weeks with the referenced foam pipe insulation around the edges, works great. first cleaning of my robot showed only a few leaves in that three weeks. a lot of silt, but that is expected. also looks much...
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    Tell Us About Your Avatar!

    I think the first one is obvious. What do you think of our new boat? It's about 15 years old [maybe more!] and I actually fooled one of my brothers with this image. This was when i was using B, no slime yet. Go Tigers!
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    preventing debris from getting under mesh covers

    In this post no. 6 i think you meant to say 1/2 inch barbed connectors, not 1 inch? thanks
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    Salt for feel in a manual dosed pool

    Adam, what salt level are you targeting? using pool math, i get about 250ppm increase for 50 lb salt. I would hazard a guess that you would need at least 2000pm salt to get a noticeable feel. Good on you for testing first. When I converted from bcil to chlorine, i used a ton of liquid chlorine...
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    Sand / dirt coming in pool only when pump is on

    With your valve in recirc turn on the pump for an hour; stop the pump, leave the valve in recirc. in a couple hours restart the pump. do you still see debris coming out the jets? if not, your valve gasket may need to be replaced. if you still see debris you may have a crack in the return line or...
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    Couldn't find the perfect clock so....

    probably copied the image from a product webpage; dont recall exactly. i have this clock on our porch. also have a Day clock. :cool:
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    Couldn't find the perfect clock so....

    uh, check my avatar....
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    A few questions about converting

    It will likely postpone your headaches, but the "problems" will come back. I mentioned this is in a reply on one of your other topics. I switched from DE to sand early on in my baqua adventures.
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    Debris coming out of jets after I vacuum to waste.

    it really shouldn't matter since whatever is in the line after vacuuming will be filtered.. it is not the same as when you backwash, if you dont rinse after backwash, you will see junk coming out of the return jets.