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    Recommendations for a Liquidator flow indicator?

    Anyone have luck finding a quality flow indicator (tubing is 1/4 ID and 3/8 OD) for the Liquidator? The one included leaked air (and so did its replacement). I don't have one installed right now, but it would be nice to have one to fine tune the output from the Liquidator.
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    Upper limit to salt level?

    Any harm to equipment or plaster with high salt levels?
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    Upper limit to salt level?

    I don't have a SWG (I should have clarified that in my original post).
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    Upper limit to salt level?

    Is there an upper recommended limit to the salt level? I'm at 5,000 now.
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    Liquidator Questions

    I've been using a Liquidator for seven years now with almost no problems. FWIW, the salt level in my pool is enough to support a SWG. I would recommend going with a SWG.
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    For those with a Hasa Liquidator

    It makes a small (IMHO negligible) difference whether you have 1 or four gallons in the liquidator (I'm assuming you have the 4 gallon model). In case you haven't already, do yourself a favor and install a needle valve to regulate the output of the Liquidator.
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    MaxxStrip / Kieserite Tile Cleaning in Central Valley of California?

    I'm handy, and don't mind getting my hands dirty. Might be a job I can tackle myself if I can't find a pro.
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    MaxxStrip / Kieserite Tile Cleaning in Central Valley of California?

    Does anyone know a MaxxStrip / Kieserite tile cleaning company that services the central valley of California? I wasn't able to find any candidates via Google.
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    Recommended product for sealing cracks in shotcrete/concrete waterfall

    I'm looking for recommendations for sealing cracks and gaps that have formed over time in my waterfall. It's allowing water to trickle through the cracks and escape out the back and the sides. Thanks in advance!
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    How quickly does PH rise when aerating?

    A submersible pump and hose sprayer makes a good makeshift aeration rig.
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    MaxxStrip Tile Cleaning in Tucson

    Would you mind sharing how much they charged for their service? I'm assuming they charge by the linear foot. I have some scale/evaporite that refuses to go away despite trying many different methods and I'm considering MaxxStrip. Thanks!
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    Tile Scale Removal Options

    I have some light scale that has been on my tile for years and isn't responding to acid or any other scale removal methods. I've read of some people having luck raising the pool water level and lowering the CSI to remove scale over the course of a few days. Would it be possible in my...
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    2 or 4 wheel Poolvergnuegen "The Pool Cleaner"

    I have a similar pool incline and my 2 wheel Poolvergnuegen handles it just fine.
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    Final Equipment Review before contract

    Is there a reason you'd need a 3 hp pump? Also, I would suggest a LED light (or two of them).
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    Heater questions - specifcs about raypak - reccommendations in Dallas Area

    The blower in my LX heater went out a year ago. I was able to find an OEM replacement blower on eBay (R0455600) for around $320 and had a local technician provide the labor.