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    ColorLogic lights not working

    Thank you!
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    ColorLogic lights not working

    I have 4 of the 6 i installed here. LACUN11050 1u21076-109202 1u21088-110481 1u21076-109199 1u21088-110429
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    ColorLogic lights not working

    No. I installed everything myself from first scoop of dirt until now. I also received a replacement msp module last year as the one i had kept telling me it was registered to another user thus the automation was useless Overall, everything works excellent now. Pool is crystal clear and 75...
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    ColorLogic lights not working

    Moved from here. Im stumped. All firmware up to date. Lights are lacun10050 purchased last year, January 2021. Installed HVR1 to hayward transformer to lights. UCL mode works just fine. When i attempt omnidirect mode, the system asks me if the lights are flashing white. They are not. Ive tried...
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    OmniLogic MSP ID Changed?

    anything new? I have a ticket open with hayward with a msp id issue and it's been 2 weeks without a peep. Cant get through on phone lines...Hayward customer service taking a dump
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    Omnilogic MSP

    Nice find! i think you solved it!
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    Omnilogic MSP

    This is it. Nothing on the outside to hook into. I believe i have to tap into a j23 purple, but it's not clear how.
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    Omnilogic MSP

    In this unit, the white and orange wires power the fan. I attempted this for a moment and the result was an operating compressor and an inoperative fan.
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    Omnilogic MSP

    it's the square heatpro... Omnilogic was ordered through
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    Omnilogic MSP

    Hi folks I just installed my Omnilogic this week. Got everything automated except the heatpro heater (still no clue how it wants me to wire the J23) nor my Aquavac 6. The problem im really interested in is, why the Hayward app says "MSP ID Already Registered To Another User." I bought this...
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    Hayward Summit XL Heat Pump 140K to OmniLogic Question

    Im looking for more info on this as I am also struggling to figure this out (also setting up hayward 140k to omnilogic) I see two purple wires. Am i supposed to unplug the two purples and wire nut them together, then connect low voltage wire to the P and the S? Im doing a pool and spillover...
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    boulders during dig

    I looked and all i have are some pre patch pics and post vermiculite. What i ended up doing was using my own formula of 1b limestone, clay, and 4000 psi sacks of concrete mixed together with some water, and kept a very light mist on the sidewalls while applying. I really packed the stuff in...
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    Concrete Collar for Stone Coping on steel wall

    thank you this is a big help
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    What to do about spillover spa?

    Sure, it's 4 inch minimum concrete min 4000psi then add several inches of sand or limestone sand to level, level and ensure all weight is directed only on the slab, no weight on the upper lip. plumb and then backfill with sand or limestone sand, never use soil. Thats what i have.