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    Which design do you like better?

    Well the stainless steel deck inserts they sell to go with their poles have these dimensions: Dimensions: 6” tall , 2”outside, 1.5” inside.
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    Which design do you like better?

    I got my volleyball poles and net from here - good quality. I believe they will customize whatever you need.
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    Owner Build all Tile pool: Initial layout and plans

    Yes, I thought about that, and I have a tiled floor in my shower. But the tiles are not as shiny as the ones shown here seem to be. I guess it's running through my mind because I had called NPT when I was considering tiling my sunshelf, rather than plastering it, and they only recommended a few...
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    Owner Build all Tile pool: Initial layout and plans

    Any concern with the tiles being slippery on the step into the shelf? Are those glazed tiles? Maybe the two inch with so many grout lines will make it a non-issue.
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    Easytouch/Screenlogic Problem

    For the PC software, got to, hover over Education and Support at the top, and then select the Software Download item. Once at that page, the first item is the Screen Logic for consumers download link.
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    The Mess Is Now Plastered!

    Regarding creepy crawlies - I bought a skimmer basket puller from Amazon One end is for pulling the lid off the skimmer and the other is for hooking to the skimmer basket handle and pulling it out. The...
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    Exposed top steps over night

    Can you please explain the reason why water freezing on that step caused the black "staining" you had in the spring? I paged through your build thread to find the picture you showed of the staining. I'm just trying to connect why the frozen water on that step would cause the black stain...
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    Exposed top steps over night

    Thank you for the response, PG. So leaving it dry doesn't seem to have any negative effects on your plaster - good to know. What type of plaster do you have? Thanks!
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    Exposed top steps over night

    So Jim - without going back to your build thread to look at your pool, I was just wondering if by draining to just above your returns you are leaving any step/bench/shelf area of your pool totally dry all winter. i.e is there no water at all on some horizontal plaster surfaces over the winter?
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    Exposed top steps over night

    Thanks PG and Jim. Jim - that's interesting that you did have issues with your plaster after that winter and good to know for future reference.
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    Exposed top steps over night

    PoolGate - Since I'm just down the road from you I'm curious what type of cover you use in the winter. Solid? Mesh? When you say 4" of ice - was that the full water depth on your sunshelf frozen? Thanks!
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    LED Lighting--Number and Placement Help Please

    I won't get into the wiring and automation subjects - that's way over my head :-) What I would say is that I think colored pool lights are one of those things people either love or .... don't! Look at lots of pictures of pools lit up at night with different colors and see if you that's really...
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    New Build in PA

    I would definitely move it. It's not only the bubbler action in the way (although that is an important point) but, with my bubblers, people put their chairs close by and stick their feet in the bubbler stream. Younger children are playing with the water stream when it's on. So you aren't just...
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    Reviving out of service pool: Winter freeze & a new leak

    I've been following this journey - you are amazing! Congratulations on what you have accomplished! I hope you can find someone/some way to repair the cracks. A quick google on repairing cracks in fiberglass pool walls brings you to a number of videos by API Pools like the one below; maybe...
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    New Pool build --- Northern California **4/12/21 start date**

    Be careful deciding not to have any lights in your pool. Not so easy to do after the fact. Our night swimming is usually when we have people over for a bbq or something and maybe the number of people splashing around just deters the bugs! (Can't you spray your own yard even if the HOA...