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    Wrong PolyQuat

    Closing tomorrow. I went today to put my PolyQuat in and realized I bought two bottles of 30 instead of 60. If I use two bottles of 30 does that equal a 60? I won’t be able to get 60 in time for when they come to install our new cover. Am I better off to use these two bottles of 30 or should I...
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    How cold of water will you swim in?

    The pool is 72 today. Me and the kids jumped in for a bit. My one daughter (8) can swim at any temp for multiple hours. Lol.
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    SWG install tomorrow

    I added to my skimmer, but on my skimmer I have the skimmer socks. So the CYA granules sit in there until they pass through on their own. Seems to work ok.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Air 80. Water 84. Been running the heat pump.
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    Marina Pool & Spas question

    I called just after their opening time, maybe that had something to do with it. My experience was about 2-3 weeks ago.
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    Marina Pool & Spas question

    I called the store, was transferred to Margaret, she gave me the run down on products, I told her I’d call her back after deciding, I called back, gave a credit card and had my robot on a Monday after ordering on a Friday morning. I bought the M600 which was almost $1000 less through Marina...
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    SWCG Test Results - Any Tweaks?

    I think I’m done messing with it. 🤣 Seriously though, I love this forum. Everyone is so helpful. As a first time pool owner with a black / green / 4 year closed up pool, you guys have been there helping all along. I think after the first year, I can say it’s been a success. We cleaned up the...
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    SWCG Test Results - Any Tweaks?

    Attached my latest pool math. After converting to SWCG and doing a SLAM, I seem to be pretty stable. I’m an over analyzed by nature, so always looking to improve. Seems like PH is a little high, TA a little low, etc. Any thoughts on my results? Or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Being that...
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    Cannot maintain chlorine levels

    Had exact same issue last month with my SWCG. I swore up and down that there had to be a problem with it. My water looked crystal clear. I finally gave in and did the SLAM. Passed after a few days. SWCG has been running like a champ at only 20% and keeping my FCL around 7 since. Very happy with...
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    How can you tell how much chlorine is being generated?

    I was in the same boat last month. I felt like my SWCG could not keep up and I thought it was defective. I posted on here and everyone encouraged me to do the OCLT. I failed and SLAMmed for a week. Since passing SLAM, I have been running my FCL on the high side of the recommendation and the SWCG...
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    Home Depot 31.45 muriatic acid

    Ace Hardware usually has the strong stuff.
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    Heat Pump Doesn’t Seem to Be Working

    With how we use the pool, seems like NG would be better for us, but maybe another year!
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Water 76 degrees. Air 70-75 degrees. The kids still swim.