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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    And I see this forum is still your domain. 🥰😀
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    Alright, just seeing if there’s something here you haven’t texted yet. Let’s see an updated fill pic.
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    You’ll have to ask the other two on that one, I prefer my own quarters thanks. :deal:
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    Dolphin Supreme M Series Owner’s Club

    Sorry for a late reply, but I’m updating two threads in this forum shortly. I’m about to do another refurb on mine as I did three years ago, and will leave more detail on another thread. I’m starting my 7th season with the M5, and right now there is no end in sight. It could crash before summer...
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    Gonna be awesome man. Might have to come down and do a real Texas christening on this thing. That’s a long way to come without staying a few days though. Think you can handle me, WoodyP, and Chip all that time?
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Well, I’ve never waited this long, but I am finally opening this week since finding a good supply of bleach in bulk and jug forms from a new builder supplier in town. I was planning on dichlor powder and water changes later on, but looks like we escaped that hassle.
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    Lo and behold. Well it’s nice to see it here all up in lights. I’ll be keeping up with it from here now Can’t wait to see it move onward. Awesome man.
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    WANTED: New Wife!

    I might actually be able to stay on that one, IF I could manage to get on it!
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Going back with a cover this year and getting that all ready. Haven't done it the last two, but I'm not hauling out leaves again this year. What a pain! :hammer:
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    Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb

    Try this: Dolphin Premier M5 - 4th Season Refurb - Page 2
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    brush bristles coming off

    A good quality brush wont lose bristles, or it will be extremely minimal. Mine stays in the Sun and it hasn't degraded. After four years, this is worn down, but not a brittle bristle one. These are top quality, and UV protected, so they dont break down like the cheapy white nylon bristle type...
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    Robotic vs Automatic

    Quality Robots have their own power source, powerful suction coupled with great filtering with concentrated focus on cleaning rather than random movement that pressure cleaners, and suction cleaners provide. They are simply better technology all around, and do a lot better job than other...
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    PH creeping up

    Welcome aboard! Rising pH is common, and something we just have to live with some of us. You might try keeping the TA no more than 60, and see if the pH will settle around 7.6-7.8. If it won't and continues to rise, you just may have to be one like me where acid is a way of pool life. Not...
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    Potential New Pool Owner - Need Advice

    Welcome to TFP! No quick fix here I'm afraid, unless it isn't bad, but that is not likely the case. Whatever you do, don't go pouring in Algaecide and Flocculants. Alagacide is prevention, not cure, and Flocs can make a huge mess. Chlorine is what you need to do it right, but it takes a little...
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    Can you avoid CYA and other chemicals with SWG?

    Welcome to TFP! By the numbers, all good questions. 1. Cya not only protects Chlorine, it acts as a buffer to reduce the harshness of it, so therefore it is very beneficial. Without Cya, you will lose every bit of Chlorine you put in by SWG or other means, and covering it 24/7 isnt practical...