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    Screenlogic protocol adapter issues

    How far away is the outside antenna from the inside adapter? Pentair is going to tell you that they should be as close as possible. I had the same issue, after I moved everything so the outside and inside antennas were less than 10' apart it started working correctly.
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    Tiled pool

    What size pool are you look at? A 10' x 20', 4' deep would be over 440 sq ft of tile for the whole pool.
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    Pentair alexa skill is back!

    Looks like the ScreenLogic skill is back and working.
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    Newbie here - HOA

    Our past 2 pools, the builder did all the work and submitted the pack to the HOA's. In my area, the builder can't pull permits with the county without the HOA approval letter.
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    It will work, but will be very short. See this link for my pictures of our heights. Umbrella Sleeves - Any downside?
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    We bought 2 of those umbrellas, it's a Crud shoot, one has a steel pole (9'), the other is aluminum (11'). Steel one definitely started to rusting after a few uses (removed each night), aluminum doesn't rust.
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    We bought a 5 foot stainless steel pole. The normal patio table umbrella poles were too short for the tanning ledge.
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    Thermeau heater chiller with easy touch 8 and smartphone and lighting

    For the each lights to have different color or use the color swm feature you will need a transformer and a relay for each light. Transformer gets pricey at around $200+/ea and you'll also burn thru 5 relays of the 8 in the ET.
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    IC40 salt inaccuracy ?

    I have the same issue, when I spoke with tech support about it I was told the salt level reading drops 100 ppm for every degree over 78°.
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    Pentair alexa skill is back!

    It needs to be pulled down, the new app can't authorize on the Pentair side, they are denying the Amazon connection. You also now have to ask Alexa to connect to "Pentair Chat" which is dumb.
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    Construction started 2/3/20

    It took 1 year to have my final punch list completed. Certified letters to both Orange Beach and Dothan offices got their attention and list completed.
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    Dolphin M600. Is this the BEST?

    The 600 is a nice robot, but Maytronics warranty is about worthless if you have an issue.
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    Pentair Controller Selection ... EasyTouch, IntelliConnect, IntelliTouch, IntelliCenter, SunTouch, etc ...

    Save yourself the $700 for the ET8, get an ET4 and buy a 1K resistor and solder it in R41 and you will have an ET8...
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    DIY Exposed Pipe Outdoor Shower Plans?

    We had the wooden shower shown, but in Florida the wood rotted out in less then 2 years. I took the parts and used PVC fence post to attach ours to the wall.
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    Owner Build NW Las Vegas, first steps?

    Make sure you get caliche insurance, we had 3 days of jack hammering in our yard in Summerlin (215 & Charleston).