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    Is this sand??

    I’m hoping for some answers! Several months ago we switched our broken DE filter to a new sand filter on our pool. About a month ago, I noticed when I dumped some chlorine granules in the skimmer, a few seconds later it seemed to be coming out in cloudy white water through one of the jets in...
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    Where is the chlorine going??

    The pool math calc has the 'default' strength at 6, so I left it at that level, unaware that there was a lower strength out there. Looking back, I did usually end up adding more bleach to the pool than what the calculator said in order to get my FC level to 20..
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    Where is the chlorine going??

    So it looks like my SLAM is complete, the pool is crystal clear, FC held at 10.5 overnight, and CC tests at 0.5 I am thankful for this site, so helpful! Now to maintain... This morning's test at 10.5 FC is now 8.5 this evening after a full sunny July day. Would I test over a period of a few...
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    Where is the chlorine going??

    Well, my test kit came in the mail today!. I'm currently just starting to SLAM the pool to get rid of the algae that has grown while waiting for the test kit, and to get a good start to maintaining the chemicals myself. Here are the numbers, which I did today before any chlorine was added: CYA...
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    Where is the chlorine going??

    Thanks for the responses! I do have a Leslie's/Taylor test kit, says Deluxe Poolcare DPD test kit. I actually went to the store looking for this FSA test, and couldn't find anything. Is this only available online? I will probably order the TF-100 kit. In the meantime, will these numbers get...
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    Where is the chlorine going??

    I'm at a loss here, as I have dumped huge amounts of granular chlorine (power powder, the kind without stabilizer) in my pool yesterday, tested the water an hour later and the chlorine was at ZERO. This morning I took a water sample to the pool store and got this: FAC 0 pH 7.4 Alk 80 TDS 1200...