Is this sand??


Jun 28, 2017
San Antonio, TX
I’m hoping for some answers! Several months ago we switched our broken DE filter to a new sand filter on our pool. About a month ago, I noticed when I dumped some chlorine granules in the skimmer, a few seconds later it seemed to be coming out in cloudy white water through one of the jets in the pool. I thought maybe a clog somewhere? Called the home warranty company and they sent a guy out who seemed to not know (shocking, right?!) and said all he could find was a little tear in the gasket ring under the multi port valve on top of the filter. He changed this, and asked if I was sure my pool allowed pouring of chlorine in the skimmer. ( I was not aware this might be a problem- is it?!)
Another day passes and it seems there is now sand at the bottom of the pool. I have not seen what the sand in my filter looks like, but when I touch this substance in my pool it almost dissolves into nothing- is it sand? It’s white and suuuper fine. What would cause this? I want to call a company to come look but would like to know a guide on why the issue is. Any ideas?


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I suspect you have an algae bloom in the making (cloudy water). If it was sand, you would know it. It would feel gritty and you could capture it. Some people will rig-up a nylon or thin sock against a return jet and try to capture some. But if it's dissolving in your fingertips, I'm thinking algae (or dead algae). Can you post a full set of water test results?

Also, we almost never add anything to the skimmer. Chlorine, stabilizer, acid, nothing. Liquid chlorine and muriatic acid should be poured near the return jets with good circulation. When you use granular chlorine, spread it and sweep until it's dissolved so it doesn't settle and bleach the surface.

If you don't have a salt water generator, liquid chlorine should be your primary sanitizer. Bags of shock and stuff increase your CYA level too quickly and too high. FC can't keep up and results in algae. But post a full set of water test results so we can help you further.
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