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    Trichlor and Liquid Chlorine experiment!?

    So we are saying cya does actually degrade in some situations? because I thought I was taught in pool school that only water removal drops it?? I might give this a go if so, it’s 90+ here and adding a gallon of bleach every other day gets old, but I was afraid of the cya buildup.
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    I'm about to build my pool... I know nothing about pools

    I would say as a single mom with two kids and no job you should perhaps wait on a luxury item like a pool until you have some career and financial stability. Pools are money pits, building one is a gigantic money pit. Great to have a dream but savings are for saving not pools...
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    Solar Skimmer

    I had the sola skimmer for a couple weeks, ended up returning it. I noticed it just kicked a lot of the small stuff out the back, which was disappointing because that’s what I got it for. It also got in fights with my robot cleaner and ate its cord regularly and would get stuck, even with the...
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    Infloor system as only return conundrums

    Nope no wall returns. I mean, I guess top step and bench heads sort of act like wall returns for a certain portion of their clock face, except the sleeve for the bench head is stripped and it just pops out, resulting in a sad looking bubbler effect basically. I use it for aeration ? Whole lotta...
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    Infloor system as only return conundrums

    So I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head to reduce the amount of time I have to spend manually skimming the small debris/pollen off the surface, as my skimmers don’t seem to cut it. I have an 18x36 pool with 2 skimmers, a main drain, and an attached spa with its own skimmer and returns. Only...
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    How necessary is automation for SWCG?

    Debating switching to a salt system. I have an intelliflo pump but no automation at this time as the setup is pretty simple (no spa or water features). I have eventual plans to restore/replace the spa and future water features, so I would probably get an intellicenter down the line to go with...
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    Caretaker 99 pop up problem

    Having fought my old crappy system for a while, make sure 1. Flow is entirely diverted to infloor. I had my spa valve partially open, totally killed the pressure for the infloor. 2.If you have a variable speed pump, run it at full speed.
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    Making the Leap - CircuPool Edge 40 or Pentair IC-40

    If I can hijack this thread temporarily, I am also looking to switch from liquid to a salt chlorine generator. I have a 34k or so pool so I’m looking at the 55-60 series. My vague impression was Pentair tends to be more expensive and the CircuPool models are typically cheaper, but the top end RJ...
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    Persistent suction after turning pump off

    Oh that makes sense and would be easier. Thanks!
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    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    I bought the SE a couple weeks ago after growing tired of manually vacuuming this 35k gallon deep end pool I inherited and ohmygod this is so much better. Not always spotless but an extra clean or two a day gets just about everything. Remarkable how much stuff it picks up. I went back to the...
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    Persistent suction after turning pump off

    That makes sense, the equipment is a few feet above the pool/spa. So I guess I should just wait a bit after cleaning out the basket for things to equalize? Or could I set the multi port to waste or something prior to opening the lid, which would in theory keep the “thumb over the straw“ by...
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    Persistent suction after turning pump off

    Hoping someone can clarify this issue for me. New pool owner as of 9 months ago. Bought an intelliflo VSF pump after getting my first electric bill with a 3.5HP pump running 24/7. Pretty funny seeing that bill drop 120 bucks a month off the bat. Whenever I open the pump cover to clean out the...
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    Solar Breeze ?

    I ordered a solaskimmer for 350 from Costco. Will let you know how it goes. Their website says they recently, as of January, updated the components to be more durable. Who knows if that pans out, but I’m pretty sure I get 2 extra years of warranty w my Costco card so if I got 3 years out of it...
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    Converting to SWG - What do I need?

    I looked up mine once. It was similar to that in the contract, but my bill did not reflect that. I don’t think that includes the “fuel charge”, which is separate from the “cost to produce the energy” listed there. I bet your actual rate is higher.
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    In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Venturi Skimmers and LeafVac Containment

    I bought a house with a pool with an in floor system, and so far I find it to be garbage. Took me a while to get all the popped out heads replaced and functioning, and now it doesn't seem to do much even when its on. Doesn't kick up anything substantial, there is still a layer of dirt on the...