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    In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Venturi Skimmers and LeafVac Containment

    I bought a house with a pool with an in floor system, and so far I find it to be garbage. Took me a while to get all the popped out heads replaced and functioning, and now it doesn't seem to do much even when its on. Doesn't kick up anything substantial, there is still a layer of dirt on the...
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    New pump options with in floor system

    The in floor system sort of works. I have been investigating it with limited success. They are caretaker 99 bayonet heads. A few of the heads keep popping out despite me replacing them. Some don't come up all the way, some don't go all the way down, some don't rotate. It cycles appropriately. I...
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    New pump options with in floor system

    So I have a 3.45 HP single speed pump at a house I have purchased recently, for a roughly 35k gallon pool with attached spa. Previous owners ran it 24/7. Did the math and thats somewhere around 180ish bucks a month. Tried to set the timer to run it less, found out the timer motor is burned out...
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    Pool amateur, seeking help!

    I replaced all the missing heads earlier today. I included a pic so you can see what I’m working with. I have no shortage of spare heads from the previous owner, they all seem to be the same nozzle tip with a round nozzle and horizontal bar inside. Replacing the missing heads seemed to improve...
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    Pool amateur, seeking help!

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a home with a 17x36 ft gunite IG pool I am ballparking around 35k gallons (old school diving deep end) and I could use some advice in a few areas. We closed on the 10th of June, and the pool has not been serviced since then. I had the pool looked at by a...
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    Greetings from Tulsa!

    Hello everyone, new owner of an overly large 90's pool in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Have a number of questions so I'll just save those for the other forum.