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    Smaller spa = tougher sanitizer level maintenance?

    My tub is 240 gallons, similar to yours. Purging the tub with a surfactant and an elevated FC level is important. Watching the amount of biofilm release (off color foam) will determine if you need more than one purge. Once clean and freshly filled bring your CYA up to 30ppm max. You can use...
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    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    I want to believe but sorry I have to ask. What exactly is the end game with all the time, money and energy going into this site? I really do appreciate and respect this site. I have benefited directly, have donated two times and try to help out with responses as often as possible. I also...
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    Pool Build - Hot Tub/Spa help - Separate vs. Integrated

    Portable spas have an access panel for the motor and the electronics. You would have to design an enclosure that provides access to the panel and the ability to work in that limited space. As for other issues like plumbing leaks, a compromised shell or full replacement you would need a plan...
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    Looking for robotic pool cleaner suggestions

    You are right, you do want a robot. For the $ you are willing to spend you will not be disappointed although for that amount of $ you could also buy two. ;)
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    Pool Build - Hot Tub/Spa help - Separate vs. Integrated

    A stand alone spa is better suited for spontaneous use and for when you only have 20 minutes. It is at temp 24/7 and is separate from your pool sanitation and plumbing system.
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    Yes and use a splash of liquid chlorine as well. Keep it submerged for an hour or more if possible before rinsing. You should consider getting a second filter and having a clean one ready to replace then you can clean the other over night.
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    New Guy to the forum

    Welcome Mike. My first home included a 500 gal gas heated redwood hot tub, set into a redwood deck and covered with a gazebo. Life was good. After several years the tub and gazebo made way for an above ground pool as the kids multiplied. The redwood was transformed into furniture. My love for...
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    With a good robot, how much additional cleaning is needed?

    Welcome to TFP. My system is simple and besides the robot and pump, all manual. During peak summer I am adding bleach each day, netting the surface and random leaves and worms on the bottom each day and quickly inspecting the skimmer net and pump system. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes tops each day...
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    Questions in hindsight from a new owner

    Ideal CYA levels in a covered spa is a different situation than an open to the air and sun pool. The 20 to 30 ppm CYA in your spa is a good level but do check it at least once a month due to the high temps and regular top offs lowering the ppm. Most important is not allowing your FC level to...
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    Home Depot 31.45 muriatic acid

    At the HomeDepot here they store the the higher concentration acid in a separate location in the store.
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    I need your help!

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    Combined chlorine

    High CC is an call for corrective action. Some of the things that will lower CC are removing the spa cover to expose the water to the air and sunlight, clean and or replace the filter, a partial drain and refill and regularly draining, purging and refilling your tub with fresh water. How much...
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    Do you like videos? TFP has its own YouTube channel..... Trouble Free Pool :epds:
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    Water bug Infestation

    Are you near any open water, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc? Boatmen are herbivores so unless you have water plants or algae they made a fatal mistake swimming in your pool. Amazing swimmers and SCUBA divers too.