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    Suggestions for Layout of New SWCG

    DanF, what was your final decision to wiring in the backup timer for the SWG. I too am planning a similar install and have been following your progress so thanks.
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    New to Pool Chemistry

    I would test your fill water first to determine the effects of adding your tap water, test CH and TA only You can use Pool Math to determine how much calcium chloride you need to add to get you calcium level up in the target range for a plaster pool. If your tap water is high in CH then factor...
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    Leslie's now has this electronic test tool, looks like LaMotte.

    What exactly is the "conditioner" you bought and use regularly?
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    Transition Planning

    Good thought about lowing the ppm NaCl so dropping to 3500 is a 25% drain and refill. My Ca is already near the bottom at 250 but my fill water has a high TA at 150ppm. Going to have to get more muriatic it seems.
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    Spa high pH

    I use 7ml of 34% muriatic acid to drop my pH a half a point in a 250 gallon spa.
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    The mattress foam toppers were a game changer for us. Costco.
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    Looking to buy a hot tub - base questions

    Do you have access to power there? 220 or 110?
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    Transition Planning

    Thanks Marty. As it is I will have to reduce my NaCl ppm. Pool Math estimates a 16% drain and refill to get down to 4000 ppm which is the max recommended for this unit. I knew I was getting a salt taste to the water this season but now knowing my levels are 4600 ppm from only using liquid for...
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    Transition Planning

    Thanks red-beard I was able to find an install manual for the CurcuPool Rj-60 and have sent an email to their tech so I am in the process of figuring out how much piping space I need vs how much I have. I realize that there are some creative ways to install these devices but I would prefer to...
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    Transition Planning

    Does the salt level ppm decline over time with use of the SWG? Is adding salt a part of maintenance of this system? Is so what gets consumed the sodium and/or the chloride? I understand the pH rises do to the process, any estimate of how much more it drives pH up say SWG vs liquid Cl...
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    Transition Planning

    I'm exploring the installation of a SWG. I purchased a Taylor salt test kit and tested my liquid chlorine treated pool and it tests at 4600 ppm NaCl. I expected I had accumulated some salt since draining and refilling the pool in 7/17 but was a bit surprised at that number. Perhaps relying on...
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    What is an air blower in a spa for?

    Bubbles are over rated, my opinion. We prefer the still water, quiet, nice and hot with steam rolling off the surface.
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    Deep, stubborn stains in coping, need help

    In the pic it looks like the plaster had staining as well, is that the case?
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    New to this forum

    You have found the pool and spa information gold mine. This site will be a valuable resource for you. Welcome. Have you noticed there are no advertisments? How can this be in this day and age and who are all these pool experts so willing to volunteer their time and expertise? :cheers:
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    DE filter question/help

    If your DE grids are tearing easily then you should replace them all as a set. Check the items listed in Herman TX's post above.