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    New toy. Ph meter.

    Did the pH meter thing for a year or so, gave it up....if it is always calibrated perfectly, cleaned, stored properly, it will work. My problem was the cost of calibration, storage, cleaning far exceeded what was needed using TF100 or K-2006c test kit.
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    Salt 5000ppm in Non-SWG pool

    I am in a similar situation, salt level around 4800, CH 1000...I would guess most people using liquid chlorine for a few years have no idea what their salt level is.
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    pH and Water Temp

    I use about 2 times as much acid in summer months vs winter months to keep pH 7.7-7.8 range.
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    pump run time related to chemical usage

    With a CYA of 40 and in a non-SWG Pool, recommendation is FC 5-7 with a min of 3
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    Bumping FC level before a party

    I tell my young great grandchildren, if they pee in the pool, they will turn green, pool water stays nice and blue.
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    CH of 525

    Yes...Hardness is 200, and their TA is 100
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    Replaster and pH rising

    I thought that, even without running it rises about the same.
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    Replaster and pH rising

    keep it at 50-60
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    Replaster and pH rising

    I did a re-plaster in March 2015 and still fight rising pH at almost same rate for 2 years. This past weekend added Boric Acid and will see if that works a bit better.
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    Crazy question

    I sit at the kitchen table to test, rinse at the sink, and I even wipe tube clean and dry afterwards, just me....I have also sat outside, rinsed in pool water, just move to next test and find No difference.
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    CH of 525

    Buy the Taylor 'Standard' keeps your skills sharp in testing & accuracy.
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    Testing pH, seems to rise after test tube sits a while, normal?

    I always test pH first, I will leave it sit go on to test FC, then rince both tubes.....I always notice that the pH has risen say to 7.8 after initial test of 7.6 within just a couple of this normal?
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    Chlorine test does not seem to be working on k-2006

    Patrick_B has got you covered, didn't notice his post Don't stop at 30 drops, keep going until clear...if using 10ml multiply by .5
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    PH options ThankYou Patrick B & Oldguy70

    Re: PH options Just my personal experience using a Hanna Digital pH tester...the care needed to have an accurate test is excessive, the probe needs constant cleaning, constant calibration, constant proper pH storage...and how you calibrate and to what you calibrate can be up to .3-.5 off. I...