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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    Hey Phil, sorry - I forgot that you already told me about the transformer... and you said above that the 5a breaker DID trip... so yeah, my reading comprehension is terrible :) I'm back on track with what you were saying about the wifi poe unit killing the rectifier. The cool thing is I got...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    Hey ParB, the primary is open on this one (it does read 0L)... and the secondaries have breakers - 5a on the 18vac and 4a on the 24. I think the transformer blew as a result of the rectifier failing short... my theory is since the rectifier failed in a dead short (i.e. all inputs/outputs are...
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    Pentair 5G Stopped Working

    agh, sorry to hear it. i thought the warranty was 2 years, but i see it depends on whether it's a white or a color... have you got the color one? there are other folks here who have used non-pentair replacements that are significantly cheaper
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    Pentair EasyTouch Remote

    Hey Jarker, I'm assuming you've got a card with a "Laird" chipset on it? (fcc:id on the back of your remote is P4HEASYTOUCH2A?)... let me know if that's not right. This is interesting (to me anyway)... normally I see dead cards doing a 6-blink pattern - just like you described but with 6...
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    IntelliTouch to IntelliCenter upgrade questions..

    update on the dead intellicenter... TLDR: the system transformer and a rectifier got smoked. Phil also sent me the system transformer and it is dead... that doesn't happen too often! The primary is an open-circuit - showing no resistance or continuity - when it should be a few ohms or so...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    Interesting... I was just re-reading the thread that Phil replied to: ...and now that I have his dead board I can see that yes that rectifier is absolutely smoked... AND that the 24v port has a "160mA MAX"...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    Yeah Phil it would definitely be interesting (and a bummer) if it's the same dead part. The CDBHM260L-HF rectifier that smoked on yours is rated for 2 amps, but it's in a TINY package which doesn't seem right to me... I did a quick search for others in that same format and they're all under an...
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    Intellicenter Dead

    agh, sorry to hear it Jeff. hopefully the comm chip was able to protect the rest of the intellicenter panel... in my experience with lightning-struck intellitouch and easytouch panels, the comm chip and maybe some other components will be dead (possibly burned, blown up, or internally shorted)...
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    Pentair SOLARTOUCH Control System QUIT Working - LCD Displays 'black square' characters

    Hey S, Yeah that pic micro is toast... as Jim said, that can happen from a lightning strike (a power surge can do it too). But they do just die sometimes. Had there been any storms around the time the controller stopped working? (The short #2 pin is ok because it's internally connected to the...