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    Featured COMM conflict between Intelliflo VS Pump and Screenlogic2

    Hey just saw the thread... glad you got it sorted. Those serial expansion boards are a rip off! A few of use have boot-legged our own, mine cost about $4...
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    Component level repair to Hayward H series heater display board

    awesome job, it really pays to fix this stuff if you can!
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    Component level repair to Hayward H series heater display board

    ahh very nice, clearly you have an electronics background! it'd be interesting to see what you find... the non-serial 3 digit units usually need 12 gpio lines (1 for each segment, 1 for the common anode/cathode, a ground, and 3 to select the digit). i'm guessing the pic can run it all with a...
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    Component level repair to Hayward H series heater display board

    i can't find anything with those numbers either... i thought an LA prefix might be a Rohm part but I can't find any evidence for it. It might take a little work but you should be able to find a replacement part. besides the dimensions of the display itself and it's pinout, you'll have to know...
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    Pentair QuickTouch II Remote Problem

    Hey guys, Not too much to add from me... I've only got a Quick Touch 1 to play with, and they changed the hardware completely for the QT 2. But, I believe the LED on the QT 2 is supposed to illuminate when it's transmitting (or receiving), so if you're not seeing any activity when you press a...
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    Pentair IntelliPh Circuit?wiring supply issues

    the new(er) lead free solder is a bit harder to work with than the old school leaded stuff. I put a bit flux on the joint (electronics, not plumbing flux!!) and then use a small blob of solder on the iron tip to get the joint melting quicker. irons are rated in wattage... mine's an inexpensive...
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    Easytouch not working

    Hey guys, I don't have much to add really - Jim already covered it all ;) The LCD not working could be a red herring (it could actually be broken) but it could also be that the board can't start up because of the loading Jim mentions above. Just to clarify, when you pulled 'everything' off the...
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    Pentair IntelliPh Circuit?wiring supply issues

    I only have an Aquarite cell, but I can't imagine the pH system would draw much current. The salt cells definitely draw a lot - so switching them on/off requires robust connectors. The connectors pentair used don't look too bad, but if any connector starts corroding it will increase in...
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    Pentair intlliflo led Screen on the control panel

    were you able to get it dried out and fixed?
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    Pentair Easytouch 8 - No communication with Wireless Controller (UWC)

    Hey Harry, I've run different firmware versions on the outdoor board and wireless remotes and haven't seen any connection issue. (in the post you mentioned in the pm, I did set up a 2.16 and 2.13 and it worked) It sounds to me like your transceiver card might have a problem... there are plenty...
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    Which Pentair remote goes with this transceiver??

    unfortunately that board labelled "viper" is the (earlier version) of the outdoor transceiver for a screenlogic wireless link... it's used to connect the screenlogic protocol adapter to the system, and there is no handheld remote that will work with it. on the back of your handheld remote is an...
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    Valve programming

    I didn't read the whole thread but the driver chips are ULN2803A. Get them from a reputable electronics supplier so you don't end up with garbage. I'm not sure if you checked the microswitches but those can also go bad - there's a ton of info on this site about both the driver chips and the...
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    Pentair wireless interface died... Need to eeplace

    yeah, they connect to that port... you can connect multiple devices in parallel on the same terminal block or buy/build an "expansion" board that breaks the single comm connector into multiples (the swg surge board does this as well). rs485 is actually a pretty solid choice for this type of...
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    Pentair wireless interface died... Need to eeplace

    In addition to the Quicktouch there's the Easytouch Wireless Remote (basically an indoor controller in a sealed box... has an lcd and aux buttons), but this also needs it's own transceiver. There is no transceiver that will handle a remote AND the screenlogic. I haven't tried it, but with I...
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    Pentair 520712 Motherboard Com Port Burns Out

    The DS1302 is a real time clock... for the comm chip you can use an ISL81483IBZ (Intersil/Reneseas) or a MAX1483ESA+ (Maxim). It's underneath the LCD :(