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    What size pump is the best

    Our pump just quit and the numbers are all worn off. Want to make sure we get the right size pump. We have a 24 foot round pool 48 inches deep. We had a Hayward pump. Should it be 1 or 1.5 horsepower?
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    High TA and ph

    So, we had to replace our liner this year and just recently filled pool. My TA is 220, down from 230. I have my return pointed up. My ph is still above 8.0. I've added 59 oz of acid 2 times..should I wait until TA is in normal range before adding more acid. How long might it take to get the TA...
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    Need a new liner!

    Our liner didn't survive the winter, it was about 11 years old. Need advice on new liner, what is the best thickness to have and are there any brands that you can suggest? I will need an overlapping one. Thanks a bunch, Linda
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    Suggestions for new liner

    Unfortunately our liner didn't make it thru the winter. What thickness of liner do you recommend and is there a certain brand better than another. We will need an overlapping liner..Thank you, Linda
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    What advice for leaving pool to go on vacation?

    What should i do if i plan to be gone for a week? Do you advise bringing the pool to shock level before we go, if so, how long can it go without having chlorine added? Thanks a bunch! Linda
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    Slamming my pool but cc is raising??

    So i started slamming my pool Monday, and my CC was 1. It is raising after all of the chlorine i've put in, could it be due to all of the pollen? At last check it was 4!
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    New to this site, i need advice!

    My cya is 22, my pool is cloudy. I need to slam. Should i bring to 30 first or can i slam at 22?
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    New to this site, i need advice!

    My cya is 0. Do you recommend a liquid or granular stabilizer? And where do you buy it??