What size pump is the best


May 24, 2018
Herrick, Illinois
Our pump just quit and the numbers are all worn off. Want to make sure we get the right size pump. We have a 24 foot round pool 48 inches deep. We had a Hayward pump. Should it be 1 or 1.5 horsepower?


TFP Expert
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Jan 4, 2016
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Can you see the model number and size of the sand filter? Also, do you use a suction cleaner to vacuum the pool? (a cleaner that is attached to the pump suction and roams around the pool when the pump is running). Does the current pump do a reasonably good job of skimming off the surface debris?

Chances are the 1 HP will be fine, but that's just my off-the-cuff opinion and I like to keep the electricity cost down.