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    Water level rose after closing - Fiberglass

    I drain my pool 2-3 times over the winter, you'd be surprised how quickly it fills up, as you've quickly learned! We just got about 9 inches of snow plus 2 inches of rain last week, so i pumped some out this weekend. I have a plaster pool with a tile line so I just make sure my water level is...
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    About time to close, but CYA is about 110-115 due to the crappy chemicals from the pool store

    Here's my experience as I had the same issue last year for my new (to me) pool. I closed it with CYA of 120. 2 things I did: I made sure I closed with water temps consistently below 60 and added polyquat 60. I didn't really worry about slamming as I did not have algae and passed olct. I also...
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    Winter Cover and Water Accumulation

    Yes it seems you are losing water due to pumping it off of the cover. If you lost 0 water over the 2 weeks then it most certainly are the covers you have been using. You nailed it in your original post..." We suspect that somehow when I am pumping the water, the pump is pulling pool water...
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    Power Outage - Anything else I should be doing?

    Oh yeah for sure, when I mean splash around, it also involves going around perimeter and making a swirl! It's mostly just dirt and a couple leaves here and there now, the big stuff is out. Yeah, it definitely could be worse, no trees hit the house fortunately and the pool / fence for the most...
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    Power Outage - Anything else I should be doing?

    Hey all, So Isaias did some pretty good damage to westchester county in NY, and has left us without power since Tuesday, expecting to get it back tomorrow or Saturday. Currently, with my CYA of 70, I've been keeping my FC levels in the higher end, around 10-11 the past couple days & brushing...
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    Some tiles fell off and sealing up some cracks questions

    Hey All, Some tiles fell into the pool yesterday and I am hoping to reattach them and fix some cracks that I see behind the line, and near the coping base as well. I've read various threads around the topic but just wanted to provide pics of my situation and see what the best way to go about it...
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    Disadvantages of high CYA levels

    Another thing, albeit minor, is breezing through FC reagents! Mine is 80 this year, granted not terribly high, but that means i am going through 15-22 drops pretty much daily. Just ordered my 2nd refill :censored:
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    Pool is nearly filled to the equipment

    Just curious overall, why is the pool company recommending to move pool equipment because it is downhill? My pad is also below the pool level so just curious, have had no issues.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    65 and rising now that we are starting to see some 70+ degree days (and 50 degree nights!) No heater but the sun is on it all day. Hope to jump in the next week or 2!
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    White Powder at bottom of pool showed up over night

    Good to know re: acid and CH Thanks! Hopefully I won't see anymore or atleast see less of it in the next days. Will continue to vacuum it out. Curious though, consider me lucky just that it isn't starting to scale? Just strange how it just showed up. Will update if I keep seeing this as an...
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    White Powder at bottom of pool showed up over night

    Fresh set FC: 7 CC: 0 PH: 7.8 TA: 60 CH: 300 CYA: 80 No real change from the OP reading which seems good, hoping ph can be stable there after the MA dump Thinking it's calcium too but the way it looks is strange, though idk if that is normally the way it looks. But like I said earlier, when...
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    White Powder at bottom of pool showed up over night

    Hey All, So went to brush/vacuum pool again and noticed those same spots yesterday and this AM. I was able to catch them in my skimmer sock as i am vaccuuming, turns out it isn't powdery but they look like small, round, ball-type substance. It isn't really brittle. Doesn't look like DE at all &...
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    Great opening! Should I be worried?

    You can run an OCLT test overnight to see if you have anything growing. Same thing happened for me when I opened this weekend, Clear water, 0 CC.... did an OCLT to confirm <1 ppm loss in FC
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    White Powder at bottom of pool showed up over night

    Nothing came out when I did it, and the powder hasn't returned, so I think could just chalk it up to me putting DE in the skimmer too quick and it Darn out of the returns Thank you!
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    Please Help identify a Hayward weir

    I'd go ahead and reach out to Inyo yourself, I just went through the same process about a month ago and only had the skimmer lid information. They responded back in 10 minutes with the exact model i needed, and it fit. I just went through the interactive chat they have on their site. Easy! I'd...