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    Step and bench accent tile cost

    These are pics from during the remodel. Originally we’re not going to do the accent then last minute I asked how much more to do that and he charged me 250$
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    Step and bench accent tile cost

    What??? I paid 250$ extra to add that. And we used all glass tile. That seems like price gouging to me
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    Pool just finished with the pebble. Acid wash and fill tomorrow! Pics included

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. I love it as well 😊
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    Pebble Sheen - Blue Surf - Waterline tile help!!

    I like the second one myself! But both great looking options!
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    Single speed vs variable speed

    I am interested as well I have the same pump but would like to go variable.
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    Best pool cleaner 2020

    I’m looking to fire my pool guy. I think I finally have a good handle of testing and just tested my water and not happy with the results. Seems like he just cleans throws some chlorine and acid and calls it a day! I read some older threads regarding pool robots but I was wondering what the...
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    Do you regret getting glass tile? Oh and Permit approved! What next?

    We just remodeled our pool and spa and did all glass tile. We don’t regret it! I was cleaning them weekly but now our water is way too cold so I’m Hoping they stay clean by just brushing them without actually getting in the pool. We have hard water as well and it was a very tough sell to the...
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    New IG build - San Diego CA - shotcrete complete 12/1

    Looks great! Just a few comments. The palm tree may become a problem. We had a huge palm tree next to our pool (previous owners planted) and the roots began to lift the concrete away from the pool. We just resurfaced our pool and had to pay 1,000$ to get the tree removed. also, we were told the...
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    O/B in Gilbert, AZ for 2nd time

    our tile is also 1x2. Here is a pic for reference
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    O/B in Gilbert, AZ for 2nd time

    we had a bunch of pool builders try to talk us out of glass tile. I went with it anyways. I love the look too much. Do what will make you happy you will be the one looking at the pool everyday. Btw my husband also veto’d the glass tile after listening to the pool builders but hey! Happy wife...
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    FAS-DPD test

    Just wanted to say I received my kit yesterday and tried it today and this test blew my mind! No more staring at colors and saying is it a 2??? A 3??? Makes my life so much easier wish I purchased it earlier!! Thank you TFP!
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    Pool deck resurfacing

    Thank you! That is a hefty price but that’s a lot of square footage. Ours is only 750 sq ft!
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    Pool deck resurfacing

    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately it looks like there are no authorized installers in my area. Do you happen to know approximately how much the cost was? I’m trying to see if the prices are very inflated here or if that’s really the ball park I should expect to pay to resurface
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    FAS-DPD test

    Thank you! I ended up ordering the TFT kit. I’d be lost without this website!
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    FAS-DPD test

    TFT kit it is. Anyone can buy a box. And there’s plenty of other things to buy on Amazon with my gift card!