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    Spa Water Care

    My experience has been pool stores and spa manufacturers will normally recommend a TA of 80-120 for both spas and pools. I don't think you will find those values recommended on TFP with respect to spas. I use bromine and don't worry much about CYA but I would suggest using Poolmath to...
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    Spa Water Care

    I used the Frog system with my new Relay until they were consumed. The system is convenient but relatively expensive. I had difficulty trusting the low value sanitation level. I could only find the Chlorine cartridges online. The Bromine cartridges were readily available locally. The sole...
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    New From North Georgia

    My wife and I had a spa at our previous home (2012-2017). We used a Bromine tablet floater for sanitation, tested with strips, and got all our spa education from the pool store or friends. If the strips indicated close we thought we were fine. I spent a lot of time, money, and chemicals...