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Aug 7, 2019
Atlanta GA
My wife and I had a spa at our previous home (2012-2017). We used a Bromine tablet floater for sanitation, tested with strips, and got all our spa education from the pool store or friends. If the strips indicated close we thought we were fine. I spent a lot of time, money, and chemicals chasing levels especially pH. We did change the water every three months. We decided to purchase a new spa April this year and I began researching water sanitization options and come across this site. I had no idea how bad of a job I was doing on the last spa until I began reading TFP. The first issue was understanding the Frog sanitization products the spa was delivered with. We were cautious about sole source cartridges and test strips. We have since moved back to what I now know as the 3-step Bromine system. Water testing with Taylor drop test kits have been an education. I believe we have our water chemistry maintenance routine understood for now. I'm glad I've learned to use baking soda, borax, bleach, and poolmath. As of now I prefer the dry acid to muriatic acid. Understanding TA and what aeration does to the pH and making the right corrections has helped my more than anything. I do have a question about varying Bromine level test results between FAS/DPD, OTO, and the Taylor DPD small comparator block but will post the details in the spa water chemistry forum.

Usual levels:
TA 60
pH 7.6
CH 140
Bromine 5
Borates 50
Temp 99
CSI around -0.20
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