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    SwamCam Pool Alarm - 3 Months In

    I strongly considered just adding another Ring camera along this same thought process! But I didn't see a way to set up an "arm/disarm" functionality the way I'd really prefer. Then again, I ended up not even using the built in arm/disarm and just used wifi plugs, so I don't see why ring...
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    SwamCam Pool Alarm - 3 Months In

    I had a heck of a time finding an alarm people were really happy with here so I figured I'd share our experience with SwamCam. Some key takeaways: Camera has no power when disarmed because I'm "arming" and "disarming" by just turning on and off a wifi plug No false alarms once configured with a...
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    Low Budget DIY Automation

    Agreed... I'm actually using nodejsPC now - very very happy with it as everything intellicenter SHOULD have been. Since the tablet stays on the wall, I set up Alexa integrations through nodejs via Tasker and Auto Voice. Also overlayed volume controls for the amplifier/chromecast and the pool...
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    Can't lower PH

    I would lower your TA to 70 or even 60 if that's not quite enough - and see if your ph is more stable in the high 7s. For our purposes, within the typical 7-8.2 testing range, the exact ph number is mostly just relevant to calculate your LSI/CSI to prevent corrosion/scaling. The idea that ph in...
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    $100 "Poor Man's" Acid Injection

    This has worked great so next, I'm trying to experiment with Chem Doser. However, I'm wondering if I should just let it dose throughout the day and not worry about the SWG if it's truly a 0.3ph drop max? I measured 0.2ph drop at the returns at 22gpm, but I think the math also confirms this: I...
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    $100 "Poor Man's" Acid Injection

    Couple small updates: Vent tube out and up high off a resin shed where some pretty good breeze tends to come by. This seem ok? Tied the acid pump relay power to the load side of the pool relay and split off the SWG similarly, to schedule the SWG with no power when the acid pump is running...
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide

    I was going to do a replay and checked "Capture Reconfiguration" - stuck at 13% even without touching my pump speeds. Happen to have a suggestion for me to get this back synced up?