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    Black Spots (algae?) - need help

    Oxidizer copper stain ID it with Jack's O2/#2...
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    Suggestions for using Jack's Magic Copper and Scale

    Jack's is compromised with CYA above 70ppm and Calcium above 400ppm.. Matt
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    Now that my pool is crystal clear and on liquid chlorine exclusively....

    No Iron coming from the source in Michigan?. You must be in that distilled water zone near Flint :)
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    Newly remodeled plaster (Hydrazzo) - metals and sequest testing?

    I'm close to Jack :) If you can isolate source of the trace metals? no reason to continue the maintenance dose after removal.. Sequest test is more for professional use.. Probably overkill for typical home user.. Matt
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    Silica Sand filtration cannot catch the Iron Salts without topdressing the sand with cellulose fiber.. Also no rush to return pool back to balanced.. Low pH and Alkalinity will keep trace metal in solution to give sand filter time to filter it out.. Good Luck with it !!! Matt
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    Diphosphonic Acid

    If you are "Phosphobic" just terminate use of "Purple" and Phosphate reading will fall on it's own..
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    Turning the salt system back on so soon worries me.. As pH is going to drift and if we dont have all the Iron salted out we may re-stain? Keep pH between 7.2 to 7.4..
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    Very high combined chlorine

    No. The #2 should not cause a chlorine demand..
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    Very high combined chlorine

    This is way too complicated :) You are doing it right... totally disregard free and treat total as free.. You are not going to break up #2 by adding CL2. Just be patient free will snap back.. I just did a 300,000 gallon Resort Pool with 300 lbs. of #2 took six weeks for free to come back.
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    Stain removal and water temperature

    One other note: Challenges occur with Calcium around 400ppm and TDS above 1200ppm as the water is over saturated and cannot hold the metal in solution long enough to filter out..
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    Stain removal and water temperature

    Metal free is a polymer based sequestrant you need Phosphonic.. Need to leave pH and Alk down and run pool 24/7 thru DE and the Iron will Salt out in the filter but takes time.. Don't rush pool back to balanced, only use low pH sanitizer Dichlor, Trichlor. No Cal hypo, Liquid or Salt until trace...
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    Jack's Magic Treatment - What to do after?

    So he refills the pool with metal free source water hopefully?, fires up the pump and starts stripping copper again due to his 2hp pump slamming water into the heater and re-stains in 6 mos because sequestering agents are too expensive.. I'm ok with that too :)
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    Jack's Magic Treatment - What to do after?

    We agree to disagree :) Try fiber and phosphonic on the next one.. worth a shot to save the H2O..
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    Jack's Magic Treatment - What to do after?

    I totally disagree the pool needs to be drained of it's water??? If sequestering with purple and coating cartridge or sand with cellulose fiber copper is easily removed from solution.??
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    Glass Filter Media

    Virtually every Major Resort that we work with on the Las Vegas Strip uses Glass Media.. Water Clarity and water savings due to short backwash cycle are the selling points for the Resort Pool Operators..