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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Thanks guys, right now csi is -0.44 Calcium at 190 TA at 55 I will bring calcium up some more today. adding salt this weekend PS i have been battling rising PH for 15 years haha. I buy muriatic acid by the case
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Okie dokie, all is going keeping water balanced daily. By this weekend I will be ready to add salt. Looks like I am going to need 13 bags of salt. Do I dump all of that in at once? Someone said you should not let undissolved salt sit on the bottom of the pool? I don’t see how I’m going to add...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Maddie I will add some calcium. Ok to dump it in or do i need to add to skimmer/sock etc ?
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Filled out signature line. Thanks for reminding I am using a Leslie's K2006 knockoff teat kit but its a few years old. Going to replace this weekend. this morning FC is 3ppm and CC is 0 Ph is 7.2 My plaster guy has s telling me calcium should be 150 but test kit recommends 200-400. I have...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Ok Thats for heads up about the CYA in the skimmer. Below are this mornings numbers. Not sure why FC is not higher. I added a gallon of 10% liquid chlorine last night which should have resulted in about 5ppm no?(approx 20K gallon pool) also not sure why PH isn’t rising faster but maybe...
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Ok 1 gallon of HDX Chlorinating Liquid from Home Depot added. (10% Sodium hypochlorite). And 5lbs dry CYA added in skimmer. Pool math app downloaded and linked to account. Thanks again for the help!
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    Thank you so much for the response. I have put in 5 pounds of CYA And on way home now from Home Depot with chlorinating liquid. Will report back
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    New plaster hand off, Please help

    New Hydrazzo put in two weeks ago. Pool has been handed over to me to take care of. current readings are Chlorine 0 PH 7.0 Total alkalinity 50 Cyanuric acid zero Calcium 40 Not much plaster dust when I brush although it’s hard to tell it hasn’t been vacuumed since it was filled two weeks ago...
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