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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    i attached a pic of the tranceiver (on side of house in an oval housing). I just noticed a connection spot for cat5 looks like which should run through conduit to the intellicenter and connect to the black pigtail that connects to the board in the center and the tiny pin connects...
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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    Here is a pic of extra things that may need a connection or place to make this all work. The electricians did not use these pieces. Where do they go? my old cat5 cord does not work wired from attic, used new one provided after rewiring my entire house to accommodate the short cat5 wire...
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  5. extra pieces .jpg

    extra pieces .jpg

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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    I added the pic with cat5 in the ethernet plug in and holding the pig tail black wire, that has a very small pin connector on one side and an ethernet connector on the other side of it. Is this supposed to go somewhere?
  7. board with black pig tail .jpg

    board with black pig tail .jpg

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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    there is no communication with router to intellicenter board. I have ehternet/ cat5 plugged directly in to the board. See the black pig tail wire I am holding? hmm what is this and where does it go?
  9. board with black pig tail .jpg

    board with black pig tail .jpg

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    router front.jpg

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    intellicenter board willmon.jpg

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    router pic willmon.jpg

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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    yes, hard wired, it says it can not detect ethernet cable, yes cat5 wire. I just saw post about a pig tail wire and I have that and it is not connected. stay tuned.
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    Pentair Intellicenter Connection

    Moved from here. Bought intellicenter item number 521907 personality kit ips5 with two actuators. There was not protocol adapter with the kit. I. Understand with the newest system there is not a need for this $500 part. However two technicians have been out and said all they have every seen...