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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    Thanks for the feedback. Since the heat exchanger appears to be in good condition, I am taking it to a radiator repair shop to have the leak fixed and pressure tested. Should be much cheaper than a new cupric-nickel at $1500 or a copper at $700. I will see if I can test the NG pressure too.
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    The yellow flex line is about 24" long and connects the gas. I have a pressure meter, but not familiar with where to take the pressure measurement. I will inspect the gas line coming out of the ground. It's 1.5" metal pipe and corrodes every few years from rain and I replace it.
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    So thinking the combustion chamber was most likely damaged when flooded, I pulled it apart. Looks like a mess. Any advice which parts to replace and which to keep? I'm thinking new heat exchanger and o-rings PLUS new combustion chamber pan. Thanks, Lee - - - Updated - - - Here are a few...
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    I removed the lower bolts and about 10 gallons of water drained out. I removed the entire manifold and took some photos. I put my mouth on the copper loops and pressure tested each loop. No leak detected by mouth. Perhaps there is a pinhole leak that I can't detect that way. Other than an...
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    Max-E-Therm FULL OF WATER

    I have a Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm 400HD. I have been replacing parts as it would run for a while and then quit. Today I removed the HSI to replace and noticed half the tip of the HSI was submerged in WATER!! So where do I go from here?? Do I disassemble the manifold and replace o-ring seals or...
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    Need LIGHTS recommendation during replaster

    I would prefer some LED lights, but bad reviews are everywhere for all brands of LED from what I see. Anyone have good reviews of the Hayward? Anyone have Hayward Colorlogic older than 7 years? Thanks, Lee
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    Texas vs. SWG - What is the deal

    My pool was not salt water when I purchased it. I ran it a year that way. Then I converted to SWG. MUCH better because: much less maintenance because the SWG keeps chlorine levels much more steady state. I add a little acid, check ORP/chlorine levels, make an occasional adjust about every...
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    Need LIGHTS recommendation during replaster

    I am having my pool replastered and 2 new lighting niches placed for pool and spa. What lights do you guys recommend since I can install anything at this point? LED would be nice, but need a brand/model with a long term low cost of ownership. This means I forget about it for the next 10...
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    Aqua Logic Salt Too High - Cholrinator Off High Salt/Amps

    This fixed it for me. FYI, on my PS-8 board the bad connection as accurately depicted in the photo is actually relay K6, not K1. Thanks for the tip, I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out!
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    Max-E-Therm vs MasterTemp : Which to buy?

    It's time for a new pool heater. Replacing my NG LAARS with a new NG fits my application the best. I do plan to purchase the model with the cupro-nickel heat exchanger. My understanding is the Pentair Mastertemp and Stay-Rite Max-E-Therm are the same heater except for the outer case. Any...
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    Infuriating brown plating?!

    I agree it is probably iron. I have the same problem. You will need a life time supply of metal sequestrant. My tap water tests negative for iron so I suspect my iron comes from the large quantities of leaves which fall into my pool. Tea anyone? If you can't get ascorbic acid, try the others...
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    pool heaters

    My next heater will be a Max-E-Therm 400k btu natural gas. And solar for my next house :) My current heater is a 400k btu LAARS. We heat for luxury. At the beginning and end of the season we heat to raise the temp a few degrees to take the chill off. In the winter we heat the hot tub...
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    circulation help

    I agree with the others. I don't think the algae is a circulation problem. I have personally used the circulator and it works, but honestly it is a solution looking for a problem to solve.
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    Pool circulators?.....

    I tried them. Very good phone support to help with installation. I works and does improve circulation. I'm not sure why one would need to improve circulation though. Eventually I removed it as it was more important to have my return pointed to the surface to improve my skimming pattern...
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    FINALLY about to buy a heater... But which one?

    I have heard good things about MaxETherm. I would avoid the used heater pathway. The parts are usually all model specific and more expensive than anticipated. For a pool that size a heat pump would be nice too.