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    can't understand inconsistent readings

    water temp is around 71-72. I brought the cell to Leslies, they hooked it up to their machine and said FAIL. 1. anyone have experience with Leslies - do they all "fail", in order to sell more? 2. would a bad cell lead to these types of inconsistent readings of salt level? 3. any preferred place...
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    can't understand inconsistent readings

    I have a Goldline Aquarite SWG, T-15 cell. I am getting very inconsistent readings on the display. It says the salt level is 2200, then it will say 3500 the next day. This is instant and average. The display keeps toggling back to metric, and the cell to T-5, then I use the Supercholrinate...
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    aqua rite digital read out is blank

    I, too, have this same issue. I see a new display on Amazon, GLX-PCB-DSP, for $84. However, I'll try re-seating the existing one first. It's raining cats and dogs here, may be a few days.
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    losing suction with vacuum hose - can't solve this mystery

    I could try something like that, but way too cold now to get in the pool. But my neighbor just vacuumed his pool, and had no issues, that's why I borrowed his hose. If his worked, I was going to buy a new hose. But now, I'm not sure, unless his hose has a leak that wasn't apparent to him?
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    losing suction with vacuum hose - can't solve this mystery

    not insulted! Yes, I always fill the hose with water. I think I'm doing it your way - attach to the head, push that to the bottom of the deep end, then feed the hose in vertically, then keep the other end in the water. I think I learned that trick from this site!
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    losing suction with vacuum hose - can't solve this mystery

    no, no leaks with vacuum disconnected. I try closing main drain and one skimmer, so only draw from one skimmer, and no leaks. Did this with both skimmers, and with the main drain, both skimmers closed. So each of the three can draw, with no leaks. (A few bubbles from on skimmer, but I think...
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    losing suction with vacuum hose - can't solve this mystery

    I can't figure this out, and am hoping someone can help. I have a 30,000 gallon, inground pool, 2 skimmers, one main drain. When I vacuum, I attach the hose to a plate, put the plate in one skimmer, then shut off the other skimmer and main drain (or almost shut off, just a trickle). I've done...
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    Hayward Sharkvac belt replacement

    I have a Sharkvac RC9740. Not XL. The tank tread belt that drives the wheels broke, and I want to replace it. I ordered a new belt from Amazon. I cannot find any directions or YouTube videos on how to do this. Has anyone done this before, and could give a few tips or hints? Also, a secondary...
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    Aquarite - replaced varistor - now stopped again

    I have an Aquarite SWG. I've replaced the mother board twice in 8 years. It went out again this summer - no power light but the display works. This time, I bought the varistor or inrush current limited from Digikey and soldered it on. This worked -- the power light came back on and it...
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    time to replace?

    I had the same problem. No power light, but the numeric reading was working. I replaced the part cited above - $2.49 at Digikey. It worked! The system came on and worked for about 10 days. Now, the power light is off again. Maybe it is the inrush part again, but doesn't that seem odd -- it...
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    Modify the OTO chlorine test -- will this work?

    I know I should have a better test kit, but I don't right now. I am trying to SLAM my pool, and using the chlorine test that uses 5 drops of the yellow reagent. I thought that I read that you could dilute your pool water with distilled water, 50/50, and then double the result. This makes...
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    Hayward Sharkvac - Shark Vac - does it learn your pool shape

    I recently bought a Hayward Shark Vac. I believe one of its advantages is that it lears the shape of your pool, and then becomes more efficienct with coverage. My question is, is this learning cumulative? A cleaning cycle is 2 hours -- does it learn during this 2 hours, and get more...
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    Kreepy Krauly - Thruster backup valve -- how to attach

    Wow, great, I've found another thruster owner! Thank you for the reply. I have hose weights, the donuts that go on the hose. I don't think I have, or have ever heard, or hose floats. Are these an aftermarket product? It makes sense, since my thruster always drops and sinks to the bottom no...
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    Poolskim - how difficult and how quick to remove / reinstall

    Re: Poolskim - how difficult and how quick to remove / reins Another Poolskim recommendation! In my experience, its easy to remove and reinstall. I always do it from the pool deck, just kneel down and reach in the water. However, I rarely remove it. In prior years, esp. in April and May, I...
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    Kreepy Krauly - Thruster backup valve -- how to attach

    Well, I trying this for the third year in a row. I have a Kreepy Krauly and a Thruster valve. In the Kreepy manual, they suggest using a Thruster to stop patterns, getting caught, etc. It was made and sold by Pentair. However, its discontinued and there is no documentation I can find. Seems...