Aquarite - replaced varistor - now stopped again


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May 18, 2009
St. Louis, MO
I have an Aquarite SWG. I've replaced the mother board twice in 8 years. It went out again this summer - no power light but the display works. This time, I bought the varistor or inrush current limited from Digikey and soldered it on. This worked -- the power light came back on and it generated chlorine. However, it only lasted about 10 days -- now, the power light is out again.

Could I have another problem? If so, why did the initial part replacement work? Am I looking at another board replacement? Any reason why I would replace 3 in 8 years?

Thanks for any advice!


Aug 16, 2013
Perhaps your soldering skills were not up to par ?

I would take the circuit board out and double check the soldering job, then the Inrush Current Limiter.