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    What's your current pool temp?

    Not sure how cold it is under the ice and not going to find out !
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    Do I really need new pump? Is it easy to change DIY?

    From reading that initial post I'm not clear if newb is talking about a home owners insurance policy or one of the add on insurance policies that cover the smaller stuff like washers, refrig, furnace, pool equip, .... ?? .
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    24ft intex ultraframe issue

    Like anything you do something can go wrong and causes a pain in the rear. Once you get it adjusted and refilled it will be a distant memory on a hot day when you and the family are relaxing on a floatie with a libation. Sometimes you have to take that one step back to get ahead. ;) .
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    24ft intex ultraframe issue

    :goodpost: Sounds like you are going to have to drain, compact and re-level. They say you can get away with up to 2" but it's the fact your's is close to that right from the start and it's not even full yet. :( If it's settled this much this fast I would think you need to go over the area with...
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    Crack in pool skimmer drain structure

    Can you post a photo or two of the crack ?
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    Pentair cartridge filter

    Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to see options for doing something easier. :goodjob: .
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    Is my NG heater too small for the job?

    :wave: Welcome to TFP CeeElGee78 If it was just you then you might be able to get away with the 100K but seeing that the wife wants 80+ AND you're in Michigan I'd op for getting something bigger like 300K+ so you have some spring, fall coverage that the 100K wouldn't be able to supply.
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    Torn liner in new pool

    I agree and IMHO I think they should pay or at least contribute to the costs to return it to service.
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    Hello from Michigan!

    :wave: Welcome to TFP martinezj1120 This is a good place to find out all you can before you do the pool rather than after you learn what not to do :cool:
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    Freeze Protection - Pump was not on this morning even though temperature was 26

    :wave: Welcome to TFP Cristina Don't have one so I don't know but someone should be along to help you with it. You might also try their customer service for tech support 800.831.7133 High Performance Pool and Spa Equipment for Pool Perfection - Pentair .
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    Prefer not to winterize, but can't keep up w the I missing something?

    How to do a bucket test: -- > pool water evaporation bucket test - Google Search
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    New construction glitch - please advise

    :wave: to TFP TLyons I would start trying to contact the owner now. Don't wait for him to show up and if you can't get him at least leave message alerting him to the fact you have an issue with the concrete.
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    Is shocking your pool once a week really necessary?

    :goodpost: What he said. Just use what you need to maintain the CYA, keep the bucket tightly sealed and when the CYA drops too far start using them again. If water in your area is expensive you should consider a solar cover if you don't have one yet. Cuts down on evaporation. .
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Looked out the window and wished I had a dome and heater. I can almost see myself on a float with a hot chocolate relaxing just enjoying the water. Back to reality, it's 17 deg out, the pool is a block of ice and I have to bundle up some as I have yard work to do. At least I haven't had to fire...
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    Rain water to fill pool?

    Just yesterday I came across an article talking about collecting rain water and that it's restricted or even illegal in a few states. How restricted depends on the state and local laws. That was something I never knew or even thought of. There was an exceptional case where someone was collecting...